Be Inspired: Five Content Tips for your Fashion Boutique

It can be hard to constantly come up with fresh ideas to keep your shoppers engaged and excited with you online. Here are some ideas for creative social posts to share with your shoppers.

1. Share your style expertise. You provide outfit inspiration in store when helping customers and dressing mannequins. Carry this activity over to your social sharing by building outfit collages. Highlight features and benefits for different body types and showcase different ways to style the pieces.

2. Ask shoppers for input. Encourage engagement by asking for your shoppers’ opinions on new items and brands you’re considering ordering. They’ll appreciate having a voice and you may learn valuable insights from your most loyal customers.

3. Cater to varying price points. Showcase a collection of budget-friendly items or high-end designer pieces to reach specific shoppers and entice them into your store.

4. Create a sense of urgency. If you’re selling out of a specific style, alert customers so they don’t miss out. Don’t be surprised to see them rush into your store!

5. Showcase a featured product of the day. Spotlight a favorite item and tell your shoppers about what makes it so special. You can even offer a “deal of the day” exclusively for your social fans.

Remember to post frequently and continue interacting with your shoppers as they like, comment and share your social posts. Need more inspiration? Find more ideas here.


Article written by Courtney Rodgers, co-founder of Boutique Window, a company founded in August 2012 with a focus on helping local retailers succeed online. 
Photo Credits: Photo Courtesy of Boutique Window and provided with permission to use. 

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