Retail Minded Magazine

Retail Minded Magazine is the only trade publication dedicated to the entire lifestyle of owning your own, small retail business. Delivering NEWS, EDUCATION & SUPPORT for independent business owners of all kinds, Retail Minded offers practical solutions, expert advice and realistic insight to the daily demands of running your own store.

Each issue of Retail Minded delivers news on inspiring merchants, industry trends, tips to managing your business, affordable marketing ideas and much, much more! We don’t represent just one retail category, but instead represent the business of independent retail stores at large. Another perk? Like our readers, we are “indie” ourselves!

What does this mean?

  • RM looks at the responsibilities of retailers both in and out of their stores.
  • RM considers that indie retailers have a lot to do, so it’s our goal to provide real life, practical tips on accomplishing your goals.
  • RM understands it takes an army to be successful – which is why we have a nationally recognized Advisory Board to share their wisdom.
  • RM has your best interest in mind in all aspects of your life, so our support overlaps into your health, wellness and total lifestyle.
  • RM wants you to lean on us for your store issues – it’s as if we are your own private coach, leading you step by step through your retail goals.
  • RM supports you as an entrepreneur and is dedicated to helping you reach your dreams!


Retail Minded Magazine is unlike anything in the market and was inspired by the small, retail store owner. And like you, we’re “boutique” ourselves. We’re chasing our own dream in producing a quality publication that delivers no-nonsense support with a twist of fun for indie stores everywhere.

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