Starting Holiday Traditions for Your Business

Whether it’s making cookies as a family, decorating a Christmas tree together or opening only one gift the night before Santa arrives, there are many traditions families repeat year after year. As small business owners, traditions can make up favorite memories for your customers and even become traditions of their own. The catch? You have to introduce and keep these traditions going year after year for the spirit of repetition to really catch on. This means committing to them… gulp…. long term.

It’s not too late to introduce a tradition to your business, or possibly it may mean simply marketing something you already do as a tradition. A few ideas that may be right for your business include:

1. Have a special sale separate from any other sale going on (nationally or locally). This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate in Black Friday, Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday, it simply means you should introduce one more. And make it big! Add some bang to this sale with holiday extras such as complimentary desserts & beverage, a local musician playing as background noise, extended hours that includes a festive party or partnerships or promotions with area businesses.

2. Introduce a favorite item that is only sold seasonally. Maybe it’s a holiday collectible item, maybe it’s a decorative home piece or maybe it’s a disposable novelty item. Whatever makes sense for your business, introducing something that can be marketed before it arrives and then revved up in marketing efforts once it arrives is always fun. Possibly it’s something no one else in town has… or maybe it’s something a few other stores have. Either way, if you create a buzz around it and make it “the place” to get it, this can create a reason for customers to visit your store with anticipation and excitement… and money to spend. Use press releases to share the news of this highly anticipated item and start taking names to add to your “wait list” of this popular good. Wait lists always spark a special something.

3. Keep some traditions personal – or at least as personal as it should get with business associates! Sometimes the best business traditions aren’t those shared with customers but rather those shared with the employees who work together all year long. If your business operates with even one more person than just you, it’s worth having a tradition to look forward to that celebrates the season – and the year – with your associates. A grab bag gift exchange is fun, but take it up a notch and consider a special holiday dinner, giving back to others together by working with a charity or simply taking time off for fun (together, of course).

Whatever your holiday traditions are, celebrate them by also marketing them to your customers and associates. Make them big by creating the buzz around them to be big for your customers and associates alike to get excited by. Have traditions of your own you already do? Let us know! Please comment below.



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