Store Layout Designs to Increase Traffic

Maximizing your space for customer and inventory capacity is an essential part of a successful business. Even the smallest amount of unused space can cost a business thousands of dollars in potential revenue. That is why it is important to strategically design the layout of your store for maximum profit.

Floor Plans

The first thing to consider is the geometric floor plan or how to align the racks and fixtures. There are several floor plans to choose from and depending on what your business genre is will determine which floor plan will work best. The straight floor plan is ideal for larger retail stores, which entail aligning the racks in straight lines, which creates a constant flow of traffic up and down the aisles. The diagonal floor plans is a great choice for smaller retail stores, as it provides an excellent over watch of the merchandise and customers. It gives a feeling of openness and creates a smooth flow of traffic through the whole store. The mixed floor plan combines straight, diagonal, and angular floor plans. This method uses the best features from each floor plan and enables a smooth traffic flow from aisles to walls.

Product, register placement and point of sale displays are also key layout strategies that must be maximized to increase traffic. Place your highest profiting products in areas where you have the highest traffic flow. While the products that are in high demand should be placed in the lowest traffic areas. In addition, place your most appealing or affordable products at the front of the store. This will reduce the number of customers who are afraid to come inside because of high prices. Following these general rules, will increase your traffic flow through the entire store and not just in certain areas. As for the register placement, find an area that is situated on the side or center of the store. The first thing customers should see is your wonderful products and friendly staff, which will provide a warm and inviting feeling when they first come into the store.

Lighting & Space

Some other general strategies involve lighting and aisle space. Lighting is a commonly overlooked aspect to store layout. Proper lighting can entice potential customers to come in and check out your inventory or it can highlight your best selling products. One of the quickest ways to lose traffic is inadequate lighting. Dark areas will cause customers to strain their eyes to look at your products, which will cause them to exit the store towards better lighting. Aisle space also needs to be evaluated as narrow aisles will cause the traffic to slow and possibly have to fight other customer to get around them. This will annoy the customers, which will cause them to shop somewhere else. Ensure your aisle space is wide enough, which will provide a comfortable shopping environment for them to look around.

Contributed by Apex Display, a retail display and fixture supply company dedicated to helping retailers succeed. 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Stella Blue Design, a Chicago based retailer and wholesaler. 



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