The Independent Retailer Conference is a “pop-up” conference held bi-annually onsite at the nation’s largest
consumer trade show, ASD Market Week.

When and Where is the Conference?

Taking place February 26 to March 1, 2023, on the show floors of ASD Market Week in Las Vegas, attendees can look forward to learning from industry leaders, retail decision makers, technology providers and more about the latest must-know insight to help retailers, marketplace sellers, e-commerce operators and other industry professionals thrive.


Who is Speaking?

Representatives from Carbon 6, GETIDA, Amazon Sellers Lawyer, Amazon Lit, Retail Uncensored, Bardi Toto Media, SellerBasics, ForceGet, Ashlin Hadden Insurance & more are among the companies who will have speakers at the February 26 to March 1, 2023 event. Plus experience a keynote presentation from Ben Marks for Shopware.

For a full speaker line up, click here


How to Register?

To reserve your spot at the Independent Retailer Conference, simply register to attend ASD Market Week. All attendees of ASD gain complimentary admission to the Independent Retailer & Sellers Conference experience. Register here.



To inquire about participating at the Independent Retailers & Sellers Conference, please contact Retail Minded at

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