Ten Energy Saving Ideas To Minimize Your Business Energy Costs

Managing a business requires that you’re equally enterprising, know how to minimize costs and maximize profits without compromising on standards.

But as easy as that may sound, running a business is not an easy task as you’ll have factor in various costs especially if it’s a start-up and you’re relatively new to the terrain.

You’ll need to think about rental space, employee salaries, product quality, and industry standards, et cetera. All these business factors will impact your running costs and will have to be taken into consideration when drawing up your budget and business plan.

However, what most business owners fail to consider if how much they could save and improve productivity and efficiency if they learn to minimize energy costs in running their enterprise.

Here are smart ways to reduce your business energy costs and make huge savings on your budget.

Set Energy Efficient Policy

Most utility companies have off time and peak times during the day. Depending on your power company, this is an advantage you could explore by only using excess energy during the low or off peak times. You should also set the same guidelines for your staff and see how energy bills take a nosedive.

Switch To LED And CFL Lighting

LED and CFL lights use up less power and yet offer longer life-spans. LED high bays can even save your company or enterprise up to 75% in energy usage

In addition to these amazing benefits, you’ll discover that by replacing your current lighting to LED or CFL, you could make extra savings as you’ll only need to change the luminaire rather than the entire fixture. This is called retrofitting, which can be done in practically any existing feature with lighting technology and helps you minimize costs with cheaper lights and easier installations.

Put Laptops And Computers In Hibernation Or Sleep Mode

By putting your laptops and other computer devices in hibernation mode, you’ll conserve energy and still be able to continue your current work from you left off. So make a habit of programming your workstation to switch to hibernation mode during weekends and after working hours, and encourage your staff to do same

Put other equipment not in sleep or hibernation mode, actually; but still the same principle and objective applies of ultimately saving energy costs.

What most people don’t realize is that even when not in use but still plugged in to the power source, office equipment like air conditioners, printers, scanners, lights, microwave and coffee vending machines continue to draw power. So to reduce energy costs and save on power bills, make sure to switch all equipment off.

Cut Out Paper Waste

Reduce paper waste and don’t print if it’s not necessary. This will also help cut down on the energy needed to run the printer, thereby reducing your energy costs and increasing the life span of your printer.

Use A Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will automatically adjust to the required temperature in the workplace when there’s no one or fewer bodies in the office or work environment, which can help make a significant savings for your business.

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