3 Essential CRM Features Your Business Needs

Competitive businesses know that figuring out what customers want, how clients engage with their business, and how to instantly reach their list of prospective clients is a must. But using spreadsheets and PDFs to keep track of client activity isn’t going to cut it for a growing business. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software isn’t new to the business landscape, but it is aggressively becoming a cornerstone piece to running a successful company. In fact, Grand View Research found that CRM software is big business and is expected to reach 81.9 billion by 2025. What companies really want from their CRM is instantaneous, digestible data that can help them reach their customers through personalized emails or after a client takes a specific action like clicking on a link.

Here are the features of a good CRM that translates to instantaneous information and how companies can optimize those features:

Contact Management

It may be easy to keep track of what you’re doing when you have just a few clients to serve. But as your business grows, keeping track of everyone, their needs, their history with your company, their buying habits and more becomes complicated. Instead of just relying on a spreadsheet or basic Contact Management System, a CRM can organize your contacts and allow you to schedule appointments, send a communication, manage lead statuses, and monitor your client data and sales habits. The more you can organize and act on the information and client data you have, the more you can make sound business decisions and scale.

There are always innovative ways to use a CRM you may have never thought of, and keeping up on the CRM trends with a site like CustomerFX can help you get inspired to use your software to its fullest potential.

Email Marketing

CRMs are a powerful way to maximize the different departments and areas of your business. Target Marketing Magazine likens email marketing and CRM systems like a sales and marketing team working together with a defined role in a shared component of your organization. When you use a CRM’s email marketing functionality, you can acutely fine-tune the targeting of your messages and create actionable triggers like contract expiration dates. Once those dates are up, your CRM can automatically reach out with an email offering a special promotion or reminder to sign-up again. At the end of the day, failing to leverage your CRM email marketing tools to reach your clients and then effectively sell to them is like leaving money on the table.

Lead Nurturing

A CRM can also nurture your leads and convert them into valuable paying customers. When someone signs up for more information through your website, you input contact info from a conference, or someone enters their email address to get your free industry ebook, you can now nurture those leads into sales. Use your CRM to keep track of what your leads are doing with the information you send. From clicking on promotions to reading your white papers, you can use this information to continue nurturing those leads through the sales process. You can also look at the overall data trends to see when leads typically convert and apply that knowledge to try and shorten the cycle or make accurate sales predictions.

Your CRM is a robust tool that can help quickly scale your business and clarify the buying journey from lead to paying customer. Look to reputable CRM providers that offer reliable cloud-based service and training to unlock the power of collecting, managing, and leveraging customer information and data.

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