3 Reasons To Take Your Restaurant To The Food Truck Industry

The food truck industry is constantly growing day after day because of several key reasons. Mobile food businesses are considerably cheaper compared to the brick-and-mortar alternatives such as restaurants and cafeterias, and new food trucks for sale can be purchased for a reasonably low price. Startups tend to have low overhead costs, and many smaller business owners, chefs and first-time entrepreneurs are particularly attracted by this option. However,  the food truck industry goes well beyond startups, and many big-time restaurant businesses can really benefit from having a food truck of their own.

Efficient food trailers can greatly expand your brick-and-mortar presence, expand your ability to reach new audiences in different locations and gain more customers. Creating a fleet of food trucks is becoming a must for many food store chains, so if you want to keep up with the competition, that’s the way to go. Keep reading to learn about a few great reasons why you may want to consider rolling into the food truck industry.

Food Trucks Are Cheaper Than You May Think

The biggest reason why so many new entrepreneurs are joining this booming industry is the low cost of investment.

Trucks are affordable, a new restaurant is not.  More often than not, setting up a second brick and mortar location is out of the question as far as finance goes. The investment will be too expensive, the risks are too high, and you may not want to wait another 10 years while waiting to make a profit. Mobile kitchens, on the other hand have a much lower startup and overhead cost than any restaurant. Not only do they cost less to start up, they need significantly less money to operate. Whether you build a custom truck or look for used food trucks for sale on Google, the costs aren’t nearly as high as you can expect when opening a fully-functioning restaurant.

What’s even better, is that if a large franchise has all the money needed to buy a new sit-down restaurant, multiple food trucks could be bought for the same price. This means that the restaurateur could use them to experiment or explore different markets, until they find the perfect location to (eventually) set up an eatery. Or simply take advantage of their ability to generate profit in multiple spots across the city.

Expand Your Restaurant Presence

The more you can expand your restaurant presence, the more customers you can gain and the greater profits you can make. You need to spend money to make money. And with food trucks, you can go exactly where your customers are.

While a catering service can help you expand your reach a little bit, a food truck is much more mobile. After all, both the kitchen and the ingredients are inside it, so the cooking could be easily made on the spot. Since a food vehicle literally is a mobile billboard moving through the city, it opens up the possibility of establishing your presence during a festival, actually boosting your brand’s reach a thousand times.

Build Rapport and Trust with Your Customers

Food trucks require a significantly smaller staff than traditional restaurants. Typically, food trucks function with a skeleton crew: a cook, an expeditor, and someone to take orders and handle transactions. This small crew means that every employee is personally involved in all interactions with your customers, and will slowly build a better personal relationship with them, allowing you to take your business to the next level.

Even in the case of a large franchise, food trucks can provide a  family-restaurant atmosphere that clients will love. Because of the face to face interaction between cooks and customers that is made possible with a food truck,  every customer can provide the cooks with instant feedback after every meal is consumed. This allows for the staff to provide excellent customer service throughout the customers’ entire dining experience.  

Food trucks can also be used to experiment with new recipes and dishes. Cooks can report customer feedback to corporate headquarters, and use it to implement only the best strategies in your other locations.


There are an endless amount of reasons why brick-and-mortar food business should add a food truck to their arsenal, and those stated above are nothing but the tip of the iceberg. Right now, the industry is booming and the competition is still not too high. The right time to strike is while the iron is still hot.


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