3 Retail Merchandising Tips NEVER To Ignore

There are a thousand ways a store can display products. Actually, there are millions of ways. The question is, what really makes the most impact on your sales and customers?

Three not-to-ignore tips when merchandising your unique store include:

1. The Power of Engagement

Customers love to be engaged. Whether it’s trying on a dress or touching a specialty gift or demoing a unique product, the power of engagement always helps consumers get more interested in products. On the flip side, they may identify it’s not something they want… but with the right inventory assortment and the right mix of opportunities for customers to be engaged with, there is sure to be something that’s right for them. The real takeaway here is to make sure your store enables customers to touch and pick up products and get engaged with them – plain and simple. Does your store does this? Could  your store do it better?

2. The Simplicity of Displays

Have you ever been in a store that was so overwhelming, you didn’t know where to land your eyes or which direction to walk? Often, stores neglect the general rules of merchandising – including to keep products clear and visible, appealing in display and approachable for customers to touch – that they instead clutter their store shelves, racks and walls. As a result? Utter confusion from customers. Take a look around your store and identify your 3 newest items. Are they easy to find? Would your customers notice them as new to your store assortment. Now look for your three oldest items. Are they front and center or mixed in among current products? Your goal should be to have clear views of your product that are not distracted by other product or displays. Instead, your displays should flow naturally and lead your customers throughout your store.

3. The Support of Signage 

Even if you only have one customer in your store at any given time, it’s impossible to tell them everything about your store and the product within it. Through a combination of signage, press clippings and product / company overviews, let “words” do some of your talking. Frame everything consistently or make sure they are at least professionally presented to ensure your customers recognize these signage opportunities as a place for them to gain valuable information. And please, please, please update your signage as necessary and take down any signage that looks beat up, torn up or out-of-date.

A final tip? If you merchandise and re-merchandise your store regularly  it will not feel like such a huge chore to get it done. Move things around every day and keep your store interesting for every customer – even the ones that see it weekly.

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  • Rachel Bell
    December 20, 2013

    This is a great article, very informative. Agree heavily with what you’ve said about displays.

  • FReD
    July 21, 2016

    Yes, you’re right about simplicity of displays. Often, small retailers fail to put a compelling display at the end of an aisle. They create an aisle that ends at nothing, either a back wall or a stockroom or the bathroom. Instead, retailers must use a long aisle to lead customers to a new department laid out perpendicular to other racks.

    However, in this modern age of digital world, to simplify retailing, retail merchandising software are in trend these days. A retail merchandising software is a tool which retailers can use to get their inventory plan right and strike the correct balance between categories and assortments.

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