3 Tips to Show Off Promotions on Your Product Pages

The e-commerce industry is rapidly growing — 23 percent year-on-year in fact, according to studies done by Square. However, the same study also found that retailers are struggling to really capitalize on their digital channels.

Sales periods are known through retail history to be a great time for businesses to maximize on profits and new customers, so why not leverage deals and promotions online as well? While external promotion and marketing efforts are key to getting the word out about your sales, optimizing your product pages around these deals are also vital to seeing higher conversion rates.

Let’s take a look at a few changes you can make to your product pages during sales periods to see some more success.

1. Visual Hierarchy Is Vital

Visual hierarchy is all about guiding your visitor through the various aspects of your page, placing the most important points at the top and slowly allowing them to make their way through the information in the hopes of initiating a conversion. Visual elements, key words and design is vital to maintaining visual hierarchy. During a sale period especially, it’s important to adjust your hierarchy to accommodate for the promotion as this is now the most important aspect the visitor should see. Many established e-commerce businesses place the sale symbol at the top and make it stand out through larger font, brighter colors or different shapes — whatever design elements you need to implement, make sure it’s the first thing your user sees when they enter the product page.

2. Display the Deal and New Price Clearly

Many online stores promote a deal and say that the new price will be displayed at the checkout. This creates added friction in the conversion process as users have to click way more buttons to find out the new price, which often discourages them from completing the conversion. Display the new price on your product page and highlight it through design elements like color and larger font. You could even do a slash-through of the old price and put the new price in larger print so the user can really see the benefit of the sale, and therefore feel more inclined to take advantage of the deal.

3. Don’t Forget About Promoting the Product

You may know that in physical stores, sale periods are hectic and store owners often put the upkeep of the store as a lower priority — you see large bins of discounted items, messy tables and racks of unorganized sale products. But online, you still have the opportunity to promote your products during sales, so make sure you put this as a priority. Ensure that all product pages are clearly displaying the benefits of the product, whether that’s through high quality images, clear and concise descriptions and detailed product elements. You could also look into adding extra features on your product pages that really assist the user in learning more, such as a zoom feature on the image, testimonials and reviews, or sizing and measurement tables.

Product pages can be the make or break of many online conversions. During promotion periods especially, e-commerce businesses should look into maximizing their profits, so follow these few tips to optimize your product pages and notice the difference in your sales.

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