4 Keys to Creating a Thriving Company Culture

Company culture can either boost or break a business. Positive culture can rejuvenate and motivate, while negative culture may increase employee turnover and decrease overall productivity at work. All of this can lead to loss of business.

Creating a secure and safe environment in the workplace can go a long way in nurturing a company’s culture. Employees want to feel that their identity in the company is protected so that they can be confident to work and achieve the expected goals. It means having the best identity theft protection services integrated into the company’s structure to guarantee a secure work environment.

A recent study by Globoforce indicates that happy employees are likely to be 85 percent more efficient at their work, 60 percent less likely to miss work and remain twice as long in their current jobs as their unhappy colleagues. This helps to increase the growth of a company.

So, what can you do to make your company culture unique to motivate employees and attract more customers? Here are a few key tips to get you started.

Create a Positive Environment

You don’t have to give your company a major makeover. Small gestures can go a long way in making your team remain motivated. In fact, it is said that an enjoyable environment fosters creativity, increases employee engagement, and helps people to be happier at work.

What does your office look like? Do you have a nice coffee maker? Can you create a beautiful theme in the workplace or improve the furniture? These small things don’t have to cost you much. Even on a tight budget, you can probably afford to buy some healthy treats for your team to enjoy once in a week.

Empower your Team

As a leader, you need to have clear guidelines and procedures for employees to follow. But sometimes it’s a good thing to trust your team to manage their tasks in their own way. Allow your employees to make decisions that are critical to the company. It can make them feel empowered and let them know that you trust them with their work.

Apart from trusting, empower your employees to make certain decisions on your behalf. Employees should not only work but must feel important and valued for what they do. It’s about controlling the output while allowing your employees the latitude to take care of themselves.

Recognize Milestones and Accomplishments

People who are appreciated for their work go that extra mile to over deliver in their work. So, as part of fostering positive company culture, business owners need to recognize employees’ milestones and accomplishments. In fact, the token doesn’t have to be decorative, recognizing even the small achievements, identifying key talents, and appreciating team members through word of mouth or email can have a huge impact.

Promote Social Interaction

In the rat race to supremacy, it’s easy to lose connection with your employees. It’s important to break from the daily grind and encourage social interaction among employees.

Office events or social activities are great ways to boost happiness and morale within the workplace. Business owners should avoid sending employees back to their working areas and instead encourage social interaction among others including frequent breaks, group lunches, and friendly chats. When you encourage employees to relax and connect, they come back motivated and ready to work. These fun activities shouldn’t break the bank. It can be something interesting like community volunteering, sports league, or a company retreat.

A Little Effort Goes a Long Way

Creating a unique company culture is important, and yet it can seem beyond control. But it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. By taking these small and concrete steps to cultivate company, you can improve how your team interacts and create a productive environment for your business to thrive.

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