5 Demographics Your Business Can Capture

According to the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute, there are new market demographics developing that are changing the face of global economies. Generational cohorts decline while others expand. Technologies disrupt existing markets and create new ones. These changes are dynamic, so your business needs to be as well. Here are ways to stay on top of some of the most powerful, burgeoning niches:

The Techie

Technology is king. Almost every American has a cellphone with the majority being smartphones. Now there is wearable technology that links style to software. Devices like Samsung’s Gear S2 do almost everything that a smartphone can do, allowing you to text, email, photograph or call. The creation of the techie has opened a new niche of push marketing using geolocation advertising. This form of marketing enables you to use the GPS software of the techie’s devices and place advertisements, specials and promotions in front of them as they walk near your store. Try geofencing to capture this new demographic.

The Fitness Guru

Maybe a niche within a niche, fitness-minded people have taken to technology like Crossfitters take to sweat. The difference is that they use the technology to further their passion — the tech is only a means to an end. Like reaching the techie with marketing, geofencing will work well with fitness gurus but the message needs to be on point. A fitness buff will become annoyed with an ad that detracts from workout time. Push ads that are a combination of geographic and time sensitive so you can offer fitness gurus what they need, when they need it.


According to, nearly a third of all teens live in a household with an income of $100,000, making the teen niche lucrative, if somewhat mercurial. On one hand, you can say that teens use all of the same marketing channels as adults, including TV, Facebook and email. On the other, the teenager is the master at developing new communities. You should stay on top of these expanding channels. An ad on Facebook may reach people ranging from 14 to 80, but one on Snapchat is going to keep your demographic age much lower.

When targeting teens, do not condescend. Make it direct, funny and actionable. It would not hurt to put it in front of a focus group, even if that group consists of your kids and their friends.

Social Media Maven

At the beginning of the social media revolution, women were the driving force. Even though social media is relatively balanced between genders now, women still hold more decision-making power for household items. When marketing based on gender, this demographic is more than its sex. Approach this demographic as a long-time expert in social media and its effect on buying patterns. They know how to use product reviews, customer care and promotions to their benefit and the benefit of their family.

Clever Idea People

Play-Doh was originally a wall paper cleaner until the company figured out it also kept kids entertained. Don’t get tunnel vision when thinking about your products. Look for other applications to open up expanding markets. Like brandy, which is the byproduct of the wine making process, your waste may be valuable. Or your product may have some unknown uses. Be creative and test new marketing against your existing product line.

Photo Credit: Provided by Social Monsters with permission to use. 

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