5 Signs Your Content Strategy Isn’t Working. A Guide for Students

Content marketing is the best bet for you when you are a student entrepreneur or blogger looking to promote your site. This form of advertising doesn’t require investing a lot of money into it. Besides, you can engage in it yourself.

Content marketing isn’t too complicated when you have a solid strategy. Of course, creating one takes a lot of time. As a student, you might lack it. And without due experience in content creation, you might need additional time to hone your tactic until it starts bringing real results.

The good news is that you can carve out enough time for this matter even as a busy student. All you need is a reliable research paper writer by your side who will take care of your assignments when you are busy creating an excellent copy. This way, you will have all the time you need to develop a strategy that will bring you the needed results. After this, all you will need to do is to test and analyze your tactic to find areas for improvement. Read on, and we will tell you about the top five signs you should keep an eye on to know that your current strategy isn’t working well enough.

You Don’t Get Views

The first sign that your strategy isn’t working is that users don’t find your copy. The easiest way to check if users actually see your content is to check the number of unique page views. Page views are among the most crucial indicators in marketing analytics. Keeping an eye on unique views will let you understand how many people find your content. Additionally, analyzing views will help you understand where users come from. Namely, this can be from:

  • Social media shares;
  • Backlinks;
  • SERPs, etc.

Needless to say, if there are no views, your strategy is pretty much useless. So you should strive to get more of those. The easiest way to solve this problem is to leverage SEO. Optimizing your articles for search engines will make your content more visible in search results. As a result, you will get more views and strengthen your strategy. Additionally, build a stronger social media presence. This can also help drive more viewers to your site or blog.

You Have Views, But People Don’t Read Your Content

Another clear sign that your strategy is ineffective is when you get quite a lot of views. Still, users don’t actually read your copy. You can determine this by checking the analytics of your pages. Namely, you need to keep an eye on how much time people spend on your page. If they spend a lot of time – that’s a sign that they are studying the content provided on it. However, if they quickly close the page or move to another one, that’s a sign that they don’t read.

The primary reason why users don’t read your articles is that you failed to grab their attention. This can happen due to many reasons, including a too big scope of the text, poor readability, boring intro, or a not-catchy title. In any case, your goal is to boost the quality of your copy and make it more engaging for readers. Try experimenting with titles and formats. Also, add photos to your articles. Finally, make sure that your copy is relevant and high-quality. If you use all these tips, you should be able to get more reads.

You Don’t Get Subscribers for Your Newsletter

In content marketing, email still plays a huge role. This channel offers some of the highest ROIs and conversions, so we assume that you are using it for advertising purposes too. This brings us to the next sign that your strategy isn’t as good as you’d wish – your email list doesn’t get new subscribers.

If people don’t subscribe to your newsletters, they are probably not interested in receiving more content from you. That is, the copy they’ve already seen isn’t relevant or engaging enough to them. So if you see that you don’t get new subscribers, consider changing your tactic and strive for a better quality of writing.

You Don’t get Backlinks on Trusted and Popular Sites

Backlinks are great for establishing authority and driving traffic. And they are also a great indicator of your content’s quality. When you request backlinks on popular websites and get rejected, this is another clear sign that your strategy isn’t working and that your copy isn’t engaging enough to be shared.

Although backlinks can be hard to get, they play a huge role in marketing success. They improve the trust rate and SEO of your website, make you more visible, and help drive quality traffic. Thus, if you are currently not getting backlinks, strive to improve the quality of your articles to get them. This will make your blog or website much more trustworthy.

Your Copy Doesn’t Trigger Action

Finally, one more sign that you need to make some changes to your strategy is if you get views and reads but don’t get any further actions from your audience. Great marketing copy should always have a specific purpose. It can encourage readers to subscribe, share, leave a comment, follow you on social media, buy from you, etc. Whatever the purpose is, you can tell for sure that your tactic is ineffective if users don’t take action.

In order to solve this problem, you need to revise your calls to action. Every article should have one to help you achieve your marketing goals. Experiment with different CTAs and use analytical tools to find the ones that work best.

The Bottom Line

Marketing your blog or company’s website via content is a way to go. However, to achieve your short-term and long-term goals, you need to ensure that your strategy is well-optimized for this.

After reading this article, you know about the main signs that your tactic isn’t working. Use this knowledge as your guide to streamline your content efforts and ensure the success of your website!

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