5 Ways Poor Logistics Management Can Affect Your Business

It’s true that every business is different. As such, each one has different supply chains and faces issues when their business requirements need to change or grow. Add to that not being on top of your logistics management, and you can be facing disastrous consequences on the health of your business as a whole.

As the spinal column of any business, logistics management is crucial because it serves to make sure that the entire supply chain management, including shipping and delivery, are conducted as efficiently as possible. Improving the logistics management process will translate into increased operational productivity and efficiency. Its importance cannot be overstated.

What could happen to your business if you have in place poor logistics management?

Here are five possible problem areas you should focus on:

Low Customer Satisfaction

Having your customers satisfied with your business and your products is an important goal for any business. A satisfied customer keeps coming back. If the time between when an order is placed and the merchandise is delivered is too long, they may look to have their needs met somewhere else.

Inefficiencies in Production

When your team does not function as a cohesive unit, your business suffers. Add a better information flow across the whole logistics chain, implement a double-checking system to minimize human error, and avoid duplicate shipments. Make sure every member of the team understands their responsibilities and roles.

Inefficiencies in Transportation

When transportation is not properly planned and implemented it will affect delivery timeframes. Add to that the possibility of having goods getting damaged in transit and the impact on your bottom line can be huge. Also, you know that higher transportation costs end up translating into higher goods prices. Plan your routes better, and make sure that every load is a full one. If necessary, redesign your packaging to minimize weight and size without sacrificing quality and safety.

Poor Warehouse Management

Your warehouse is a central piece of your business. Managing it properly means everything from the quality of your products to lead time and inventory management works well, otherwise, your operation may be slow and create a lot of waste. The type of product you sell determines the operation of your warehouse. Focus on reducing waste and speed up the operation. Help your staff weigh goods faster and much more accurately by installing the right industrial weighing scales.

Refusing to Adopt New Automated Technologies

Technological innovation seems to be a part of every industry these days and business logistics has adopted it with open arms. There are new ways to speed up organization efficiencies and reduce manual intervention that leads to mistakes. As an example, you might consider a smart weighing scale that integrates inventory management and communication software that can provide real-time updates on goods movements. Research what solution will solve the particular challenge your business might face today and make your business much more profitable at the same time. 

Logistics Management Can Be Conquered

Even if you believe that all the issues affecting the productivity of your business are too much to handle and that the solutions are too complicated for you to figure out on your own, there is hope. The experts at Dedola Global Logistics are ready to put together the perfect plan for you.

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