5 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

At times, employee engagement can simply be an afterthought. Companies may be too focused on providing more for their customers while taking for granted the needs of employees.

Keeping your employees engaged is important because it allows your business to achieve positive outcomes – no matter its size and nature. According to CIO, engagement in the workplace is a predictor of success. When your employees are willing to give their best, wonderful opportunities unfold.

However, creating an engaged employee is easier said than done. The truth is that people have unique needs depending on the cause of their disengagement, age, personality, and other factors. You need to use a variety of ways to see which works best for people in your team.

Below, we’ve listed 5 simple yet effective methods on how to foster employee engagement.

  1. Let your employees know your expectations.

Regardless of the task you give to your employees, make it a point to always let them know why they’re doing what they’re doing and the end results you expect. You may be uncomfortable to spell out all the instructions on a certain project but without the right details, your team is bound to fail.

Based on a survey by ComPsych, 31% of 2,000 respondents stated that unclear expectations are what stress them the most when undergoing change at work. Lack of guidance can lead to poor decision making, disinterest in work, and mistakes among employees.

To set clear expectations on a task, you need to specify the completion date, responsibilities of people involved, success criteria, and its overall value to your organization. Communicate realistic expectations so your employees will be able to manage their work better and celebrate little accomplishments.

  1. Provide them with growth opportunities.

Growth opportunities for your team do not always mean salary increases. You allow your employees to work on bigger projects, lead, and expand their knowledge through additional training and courses. No matter how attractive the position of an employee, doing the same things over and over again can lead to boredom.

It is a normal thing for us to seek new opportunities which we believe can help us become better persons. Therefore, if you want your best employees to stay, let them know that they can reach their full potential in your organization. Because your team members feel that you value their aspirations, there’s no reason for them to work elsewhere.

  1. Don’t be overly critical.

Are you always finding fault with everything your employees do no matter how they try to give their best? You’ll know when you’re a critical boss if nothing ever satisfies you. To you, good intentions are not enough. If you do all the talking and seldom listen to your employees’ feedback, you need to stop.

Create an engaged, stress-free workplace where people are not afraid to speak out their thoughts. Your employees should not cringe at the thought of failure or you getting furious for a less than perfect outcome.

Now is the time for you to get rid of an all-or-nothing mindset. Instead of letting your employees feel pressured to meet your business goals, allow them to feel a sense of excitement. Encourage your team to take action and improve along the way instead of waiting for the perfect moment to tackle a task. Most of all, celebrate little wins because they contribute to the accomplishment of bigger goals.

  1. Provide rewards or incentives.

It’s great to know that some employees strive hard to do more than what’s expected of them. These people focus on solutions and think outside the box so their company can head in the right direction.

If you have proactive members in your team, don’t allow their efforts to go unappreciated. Implement a reward system that everybody is aware of. You can create a wall of fame that shows photos with descriptions of accomplishments for each top performing employee. Throw a simple “employee/s of the month” party or give your stellar team member/s a heartwarming thank you note.

A little recognition goes a long way. When you recognize good employees, you send out the message to your entire team that every member is worthwhile. Workplace productivity increases as people are motivated to put forth their best efforts.

  1. Encourage healthy habits.

Employees who practice work-life balance perform great at work. They are able to handle stress in a more positive way and relate well with others in their team. Make healthy habits a priority in your workplace if you want more engaged team members.

Promote exercise in the office. Implement a smoke-free environment. Allow your employees to take power naps. Provide them with nutritious and delicious snacks. Let them have quiet time for meditation. Educate them about keeping a healthy lifestyle.


Do you see yourself implementing these smart techniques to empower productivity among your employees? Aside from your customers, your employees are your most valuable asset. Maintain a happy, well-balanced environment where each member feels that he belongs. That way, your employees will always feel empowered to produce massive results.

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