8 Benefits Of A Business Phone Number

Society is nowadays more interconnected than ever before, thanks to online-oriented communication. Therefore, it’s only logical to have a business phone number which is no longer a luxury. Without a business phone number, your clients will doubt your level of professionalism. As a result, your company’s image is affected even before you can start doing business with your potential customers, regardless of the quality of your goods or services.

If you still don’t see how a business phone number is a beneficial asset to your company, look no further. Here’s a post highlighting the benefits having a business phone will have on your company. 

Look And Sound More Professional 

The first impression matters a lot when it comes to impressing a prospective client. Having a business number helps achieve this by making your company look professional and appear successful. This helps boost your company’s credibility, which is enough reason for you to check out a business phone number guide and get yourself a dedicated business number. You can’t attain this confidence level from your customers if you’re using a personal phone number. 

Having a business number makes your clients understand that you have other people working alongside you, even if you’re all alone or with just a few. This gives your company a positive image as it appears to be a stable and reliable business. But, in such cases, ensure always to choose a phone service that provides you with the option to forward your business calls directly to your personal number and gives you a dedicated line. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction  

You don’t want your customers to search all over the Internet trying to find your business phone number to no avail. Otherwise, you risk denting the company’s reputation, and they might never come back and, instead, opt for your competitors. Having a business phone number ensures this isn’t a scenario you’ll ever encounter at any one point. This is because your clients can easily reach out to you whenever they want help on a question or issue that they’re experiencing. 

With a business number, you’ll be easily reachable to your clients and can quickly address whatever issue they’re going through. This excellent customer service translates to the satisfaction of your client’s needs, making them less inclined to switch to your business rivals. 

Set Aside Business Hours 

It’s essential to have a business number that’s only operational when your business is running, usually between 8 AM to 5 PM. This is undoubtedly one of the main reasons you should consider getting a dedicated business phone number. If any of your clients calls past the working hours, they’ll be greeted with a message, and any message left will go to the business voicemail instead of your personal voicemail. 

Keep Your Personal Life Private

The last thing you want is to be woken up in the middle of the night by a business call. You can prevent such situations from happening by having a dedicated business phone number. Thanks to this number, you get to enjoy privacy when it’s past working hours or during the weekends. Therefore, you enjoy peace of mind knowing you shouldn’t worry that you might receive a call from your clients during your free time. 

Have Calls Forwarded Simultaneously To Different Phones 

Do you have several people who can answer incoming business calls? If so, then having a dedicated business number is advised as it means you no longer need to give out different cell phone numbers on ads. This is because it’s easy to configure the business number to connect to different phones concurrently and be received by persons permitted to speak on behalf of the business. 

Thanks to this feature of dedicated business numbers, your clients no longer need to try and call different numbers when they have a question or in need of help. This improves customer satisfaction while still enhancing your company’s efficiency. 

You Get A Professional Voicemail

You don’t want your customers to call and be directed to your personal voicemail or to an automated voice message service. This can be very repulsive to your clients as it gives your business an unprofessional look and shows you don’t value customer satisfaction. To ensure this doesn’t happen, the right thing to do would be to opt for a dedicated business number. Having such a number informs your clients right away that they’ve reached your business, and they’ll be contacted once you’re available. 

Incoming Call Notifications And Call Screening 

If you don’t want to be caught by surprise by a call from any of your clients, then getting a dedicated business number is advised. With this number, you can receive any incoming call and hear a message that’s only perceptible to you. You’ll also get a message prompt informing you when there’s an incoming call on the business line. On your part, all you need to do is either press 1 to take the call or press 2 to forward the call to voicemail. 

While this happens, your clients only hear the standard ringing on their side. You can decide to set up a greeting message to engage them, and this gives you additional time to answer the call. Moreover, you get an email or text notification whenever a client is calling. 

Enables You To Achieve Consistent Business Branding 

For your business to be successful, you need to maintain consistent and professional branding across all communication channels. A dedicated business number helps you achieve this without breaking a sweat. This is because having one ensures that all business ads use an identical phone number. As a result, you never need to be concerned about knowing which phone number is currently being listed. Likewise, it prevents you from losing potential clients because you’re worried a specific listing may have conveyed incorrect information.    

With this consistent branding of your business, your clients will be a lot happier, thanks to the dedicated business number. Also, it boosts their confidence in your business, knowing you’re dependable.


Do you still doubt the need for a business phone number? Certainly not after reading this post describing why the business phone number is a necessity rather than a luxury. Having one will prove to your potential clients your company’s legitimacy, so more will be willing to do business with you. 


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