ACTION IN RETAIL Debuted With Stand-Out Sessions & Speakers

DENVER, CO — June 28, 2020 — ACTION IN RETAIL is pleased it’s debut virtual experience took place on July 22nd, 2020 and is now available for on-demand sessions through August 21, 2020. ACTION IN RETAIL, co-hosted by IBM, Lightspeed and Zoovu, was a one-day live digital experience that provided inclusive, diverse and accessible business solutions and content to help retailers of all sizes navigate and thrive as the sector builds back better. The educational sessions and content from the day will be available for retailers and industry leaders to review, further extending its benefit to the industry.

Among the speakers and some of the stand-out points made at ACTION IN RETAIL included the following:


“The value of order management starts before the order is even created.” Henry Myint, Sterling Supply Chain Executive, IBM


“It really is all about maintaining connection with your customers, especially now that customers aren’t as mobile and have had to become more selective. ” Dax DaSilva, CEO of Lightspeed.


“If a customer can’t get to you 24|7, it’s hard to build campaigns and connectivity to customers.” Dax DaSilva, CEO of Lightspeed.


“Having the right inventory for the right customer for the right time is what analytics can do for you.” Dax DaSilva, CEO of Lightspeed.


“If you know your customer, you can interact with them in a much more profound way.” Scott Buetler, CEO of Ascent 360


“This is the perfect time for retailers to capture data and try new things (amidst COVID-19).” Alexandre Therrien of Lightspeed


“Ecommerce will now be a huge revenue stream for us and it almost seems funny that we ever questioned this in the past.” Stephanie Fontaine, Co-Owner of Retail Store Her Hideout


“One of the first data points you need to prioritize is who are your VIP customers.” Stephanie Fontaine, Co-Owner of Retail Store Her Hideout


“The one-time customer will not keep you in business. You need to create personalization and loyalty.” Scott Buetler, CEO of Ascent 360


“The COVID message should be consistent and concise on all your digital platforms. This helps your customers understand what you want and need to tell them.” Emily Washcovick of Yelp


“The utility of brick and mortar has been forced to change dramatically. The customer has been forced to think different and retailers have to react.” Kevin McKenzie, CEO of SkuIQ


“While online is great, it still has limitations to what the consumer can experience. It lacks the dimensional experience you can feel in physical stores.” Kevin McKenzie, CEO of SkuIQ


“It’s important for brands to synchronize their rhythms with customers and make sure they provide easy connectivity for payments.” Michela Griffin of Klarna


“The only way to beat the experience of Amazon for online buyers is to deliver personalization. You can offer more than a generic box on a doorstep. Deliver empathy. Deliver personalization.” CJ Rosenbaum, Partner at Rosenbaum Famularo, P.C.

This curated immersive online event connected retailers with industry leaders offering real-time, expert insight into the current unprecedented retail landscape. Attendees on July 22nd were able able to connect directly to the exhibitors and speakers through rich interactive tools such as audio/video/text chat and messaging, as well as polls and videos in an immersive environment – including an interactive exhibit hall, networking room and auditorium. Plus, participants could engage in brand information in the form of videos, documents and presentations to further support business engagement.

Exhibitors include IBM, Lightspeed, Yelp, Ascent 360, Klarna, Shipsi, Bigthinx, Better Packaging, Lionesque Group, Green Story and Amazon Sellers Lawyer. 

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Retail is changing. Consumers are changing. Yet the need to connect retailers to business services remains the same. ACTION in RETAIL delivers on that. Business leaders are continuously having to adjust their operational, marketing and sales efforts in response to the real-time marketplace, and ACTION IN RETAIL helps to create connectivity among retailers and providers to help take action in their continued retail efforts. Hosted by industry veterans Kerry Bannigan and Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, ACTION IN RETAIL debuted July 22, 2020.


Nicole Leinbach Reyhle

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