Building Brand Awareness For Your Retail Store

Brand awareness is a process used by companies of all sizes to generate recognition for what they offer. Brand awareness is generated by companies using a wide range of techniques and strategies including advertisements, social media, messaging, graphic design, and more. It is, simply put, the knowledge that a brand exists and what it offers. Some well-known brands might come to mind when you consider the ones that you know, with good brand awareness strategies that make them instantly recognizable, even to people who are not direct consumers. Here are some key steps to generating more brand awareness in your retail store.

Identify Differences

The first step towards creating a strong, healthy brand identity involves determining a trait or several traits that set your retail store apart from your competition. What is your unique selling point? Whether it’s the products that you sell, the process by which customers purchase goods from your store, or your efforts to be more environmentally friendly, finding something that you do differently to your competitors will help you define your brand and set it apart. Experts like MerrittGroup’s creative marketing expertise can help you turn your USP into a key branding and marketing opportunity. 

Create a Consistent Brand

Consider all of the big brands that you know which have achieved excellent brand awareness, such as McDonald’s, for example. One of the main things done well by brands with excellent brand awareness is that their branding consistency is stellar. You are never going to see their brand appear out of place unless it’s done on purpose and for a specific reason. Your branding should always look and feel the same no matter where it appears, to create a sense of consistency and make it easier to recognize. From your website and social profiles to flyers and billboard ads, keeping it consistent is key. 

Understanding Your Audience

Creating strong brand awareness of your retail store is about much more than consistent visual branding. Once you have your unique selling point in place and understand what it is that you have to offer your customers, you should already have an idea of who your target audience is. Spending as much time as possible defining and getting to know your target audience allows you to truly know exactly who you are creating strong brand awareness for, and which strategies are likely going to be the most successful. 


Last but not least, strong SEO strategies have become more important than ever in building brand awareness for retail companies today. Regardless of whether or not your retail store has an online store, appearing in the top results when searches are made for queries that are relevant to your brand can be extremely powerful when it comes to getting that audience recognition and putting your brand name out there. 

Retail is a highly competitive environment today, and strong brand awareness is key to making a name for your retail store, attracting the right customers, and getting people talking about what you do.

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