Enterprise vs. Small Business Applications

If you’re up on the latest workplace technology, you may be hearing a lot about application software. If you’re unfamiliar, these are programs used to make things work more smoothly across departments in a company. It’s not only large companies that benefit from streamlining their process using software, businesses of all sizes benefit from different types of applications. Here are a few examples of how application software is useful to both small businesses and enterprises, and the difference between their needs.


While small businesses can be considered an “enterprise,” we usually use the term to refer to a larger company. Usually, a company that has a decent number of employees, a variety of departments that do different tasks, and a national or international audience. For example, an enterprise usually would have a human resources department, marketing, sales, customer service, etc.

Since an enterprise has a series of different departments and many employees, it only makes sense that application software benefiting medium and large companies would be pretty major. Some examples of processes an enterprise application software, or EAS, would streamline would be recording and storing extensive data, contacting customers or clients directly through the database, and processing payments for goods or services.

Enterprises can also benefit from other large-scale applications, such as applicant tracking systems. No matter what type of business or what size, it’s vital you recruit high quality talent, and applicant tracking systems can help. They not only assist in the employee recruitment process, but filter out those who don’t fit your qualifications and pair you with the best candidates for each job. Many of these systems may also record quality candidates who don’t fit a current opening, but may be a great fit for another department in the future. Growing your business or recruiting for hard-to-fill positions is ten times as fast and easy with technology on your side.

Small Business

While small businesses may not have as many customers or as large of a reach as the typical enterprise, they will also benefit just as much from various application software systems. While an enterprise needs technology to keep all departments in harmony, small businesses should be looking for tech that supplements the departments missing from the organization. For example, small businesses usually have a tiny or non-existent marketing department. This is where the right applications come in handy.

Small businesses end up spending loads of money outsourcing to agencies or end up overworking a single marketing employee who controls everything from email blasts to lead generation to web design. For example, software like GetResponse provides affordable marketing automation complete with an email marketing platform, perfect for companies with a small marketing department with little time to spend on the nitty gritty details. 


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