Five Very Common Online Marketing Mistakes

The online world is constantly evolving and expanding. Together with it, online marketing is improving. Unfortunately, the rate of evolution for online marketing was so high that we see so many common mistakes that are done literally every single day. 

For every single business that invests in online marketing, it is very important to have a strategy and to avoid the very common mistakes highlighted below by Peter Kent Consulting

Underselling The Website

For every single business, having an online presence is a necessity. The problem is that there are over 1.5 billion websites that exist right now. The competition is huge and you cannot just expect people to find you because you have a site. 

So many businesses just create a site and they do not do anything with it. You have to invest in SEM, web development, and SEO. While this might not be a possibility when you first launch the website, you need to at least focus on this and do what you can. 

Misunderstanding The Target Market

Simply because you think a teenager will buy your product does not mean that this is the case. Target market research is mandatory and it needs to be the very first thing that you do, usually before you launch a product. 

A very common online marketing mistakes is launching a campaign that targets the wrong group of people. This makes it impossible to create an effective marketing message so you cannot really expect to meet your goals. 

Unrealistic Goals

Speaking about goals, digital marketing requires a systematic approach. You have to develop a strategy that focuses on the long term. This is impossible when you do not have goals. Also, it is very bad when your goals are unrealistic. 

We see many marketers that think their campaigns will be much more effective than it is actually possible. As an example, it is completely unrealistic to expect that the business is going to get half a million customers in the first year after launch. Also, so many marketers expect most of the visitors to become sales. This is a deadly mistake and the truth is that when you have a conversion rate of around 5 to 10 percent, you are doing a great job in most industries. 


No matter what you might think, clickbait never actually worked. It only brings in traffic but does not generate conversions. So many digital marketers, especially those that are not experienced are using clickbait. This needs to stop. 

When you create content, it has to deliver on the promise of the title. If you utilize clickbait, this is practically impossible to do. Focus on the creation of content that is really valuable to the target audience. Also, let the audience know exactly what will be received if a link is clicked. 

Spending Money Only On Paid Ads

A huge part of marketing budgets is nowadays used on paid ads. There is usually not much left for much more effective long term strategies. The best digital marketers out there understand that spending money on advertising only generates results while this is done. If you stop spending, you get back to zero. 

The best thing that you can do is to use a combination of marketing channels. You should use paid advertising but the goal with that is to increase brand visibility and authority. This goes hand in hand with high quality content. At the same time, you should never neglect really long term options, like SEO, which is mandatory for businesses that have a website. Also, it is a very good idea to first invest in developing a quality landing page, especially if you want to run paid ads. 

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