For Independent Retailers: 5 Features That All Strong Apps Have In Common

Retailers launching apps has become a common site. For large franchises, it’s a useful way to be more instantly available – even native – on a customer’s phone. They’ll find inspiration – be it for clothes, a household item, or food – and in the next second they’re browsing options. It removes barriers. Independent retailers are beginning to tap into this idea. Much of the same benefits are things they too can reap. While they’ll have a smaller customer base, they can still be a customer’s first port of call. As such, when they’re in the process of contacting app developers, it may be important for them to know what they should want.

In spite of popular belief, there is actually a common set of criteria that most exemplary apps follow in order to achieve their success.  Moreover, learning what said criteria is can help you crack down on your own apps to ensure that you are putting out the best product possible. While developers may be more inclined to experiment and find their own way and mold, the tried-and-tested route can lead to results. For independent retailers who are looking to launch and app to instigate growth and consolidate their customer base, a low-risk solution may be best.

In this article, we will be taking a look at five features that all strong apps have in common, as well as giving you a few tips and tricks that will allow you to master each and every one of said features. 

Good Design

Having an app that looks great is never going to do you any harm, and in reality, this is one of the main factors that will let someone know straight away whether or not your app is worth their time.

Taking the time to learn how to design an app is going to pay you dividends for years to come if you are serious about becoming an app developer, and truth be told, you are only going to be able to see some semblance of success in the industry if app design becomes second nature to you. 

Fair Monetization

Immoral monetisation is becoming more and more of an issue in the modern day and age, and most developers choose to fit every little bit of monetisation as they can into their apps. 

This is a surefire way to become hated by the gaming community. Sure, you might be able to get away with making a few games that prioritise monetisation, but in the long run, you are going to be drastically hindering the reputation of your company, and any game apps you make in the future are not likely going to garner too much support. 

A Good Attention To Detail

A hallmark feature of any good app is attention to detail. It can be all too easy to cut corners when creating an app, but if you take the time to make sure everything functions absolutely perfectly, you are going to set yourself apart from everyone else on the market. 

It’s going to take a lot of work and it’s not going to be easy – but if you really want your apps to take off, then making sure your app is high-quality is essential, and your efforts are likely going to be more than rewarded way down the line. 


Accessibility is an aspect of web design that is severely underrated. Learning how to make accessible apps is not only going to improve your company’s reputation by showing that you want your app to be accessible to everyone, but it is also going to benefit you financially.

The more people that can use your app the better, and no matter what your reasoning may be, making your apps accessible is always going to be a good choice. 

They Serve A Purpose

Strong apps serve a purpose. Whether this be by filling a gap in the market by offering something that was previously unavailable or by just offering a better product/service, all strong apps aim to provide real value to people, and keeping this in mind throughout the development process is going to be well within your best interests. 

We hope we have been able to give you a better insight into the numerous factors that make a good app. If you follow our advice, you should have no issue creating the ideal app, and we have no doubt that your app will be headlining the markets in no time at all. Good luck.

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