Here’s What a Business Loan Can Do for Your Pawn Shop

Pawn shops have been around for the longest time. Their contribution to the economy cannot be understated because of the ease of access to loans. Many Americans turn to pawn shops after their applications on online and traditional lenders have been turned down.

For this reason, the pawn shops continue to grow in number and revenue, making this business a profitable one. However, just like any business, funding can be a huge obstacle to any entrepreneur. It can prevent a startup from taking off the ground and hinder an existing business from expanding.

If you are an existing pawn shop owner, however, or you’re looking to get a breakthrough in your new pawn shop business, then a business loan could hold the key. You can use this loan to stock your shop and cover operation costs. In this article, we’ll look at the various secrets and ways you can utilize a business loan to power your pawn shop.

Buy More Inventory

This is the most obvious way pawn shops can utilize business loans. Buying inventory and later selling it at a profit. Start with estate sales where you can purchase clothing, household goods, art, and jewelry at a cheaper price.

You can also go to various sales to add more variety and inventory to your shop for customers to choose from the next time they visit. With more inventory, you can expect more revenue from your sales.

Insure Your Shop and Inventory

First off, you need to keep in mind that the amount you’ll pay in premiums will depend on the inventory you intend to insure. The reason for having insurance to cover your shop is that you stock an expensive inventory.

Anything can happen, such as natural disasters and theft which can cause heavy losses for your business. Therefore, it goes without saying, insurance coverage is vital for any type of business and especially for a pawn shop where some inventory is irreplaceable.

Increase Collateral Loans

Pawn shops also make money from lending out money in exchange for collateral from borrowers though they offer a little low rates than any high interest lender which can found at but still they have a regular cash flow and income as customer demand is so high for such money lenders. By stocking more merchandise in your pawn shop, you get more profits from them.

This enables you to raise more money which can be used to issue loans against some collateral. You can use the funds from a business loan to add to your loan portfolio as well, especially if you’re starting up and you don’t have enough cash flow to offer loans to your customers.

Purchase Software and Computers

A business loan can help you acquire new computers and software which can assist you in tracking your inventory and loans issued to different customers. It’s crucial for you always to maintain some level of organization in your business. For a pawn shop, it’s a must.

You need to remain organized if you intend to make profits. This means keeping a close eye on customer information such as contacts, loan amounts, collateral, and repayment periods, among others.

For this reason, you need a computer with up-to-date software to make your life easy; otherwise, you’ll be heading for heavy losses.

Open Up New Branches

An expansion is healthy for any business. It increases revenue for your business while also promoting your brand. With a business loan, you can achieve this dream. Open up a new branch to get additional customers and also grow your brand.

After deciding on expansion, you need to check for competition in the potential location. You can use available tools on the internet to search for locations with a scarcity of pawn shops to increase your chances of success. Don’t forget a new location needs new staff, rent and inventory. A business loan will take care of this.

Market Your Pawn Shop

If you don’t market, you don’t sell. If you don’t sell, you won’t make money. Marketing is key to the success of any business. Your pawn shop is only a drop in the ocean because the United States has at least 9,650 pawn shops.

To beat your competition, you need to come up with unique strategies. One of the major strategies lies in your marketing skills and marketing doesn’t come cheap. One way to go about marketing is by coming up with business cards, creating an online presence on digital platforms and distributing flyers as well as brochures to advertise the business.

After doing all you can in terms of marketing, you have to analyze which methods work best for you so that you can focus on them to reduce your budget.

Secure Your Premises

Since you’re dealing with expensive merchandise, it’s important for you to secure your premises. One way to do this is by employing a security guard to keep an eye out for suspicious characters. On top of the guard, consider installing security surveillance systems such as CCTV and alarm systems to secure the building you’re in.

Parting Shot

Business loans have helped out millions of organizations to leap into the next level. Your pawn shop can be one of them if you decide to take one out as well. In return, you can expect an increase in revenue from your pawn shop business.

The market is there, the only thing remaining for you is to take a leap of faith and take a business loan to expand your business and take your place in the market.

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