Holiday Visual Displays – Making An Impact

Nothing brings the holidays to life like a great visual display. Whether it is for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, visual displays help bring excitement to stores and products leading up to each particular holiday. The catch is that you want to make sure your displays are appropriately planned so that you can support the holiday season with products being sold into it for your particular business. There is a reason Valentine’s Day products start to be merchandised just past the New Year… it’s the next big “holiday” to get consumers excited for. By getting them excited, you are also getting them in the thought process of what they want, what they need and what they simply can’t live without. Your displays help paint these pictures in their minds, so making sure your displays are powerful and leaving strong impressions are essential in gaining sales during the holidays.

Promoting Through Display

While it’s fun to create displays that are whimsical and appropriately designed for the holiday, it’s also great to incorporate products into your display that consumers can actually purchase. Identify some key products that you purchased to sell during a particular holiday season and see how you can include some of these products in your visual displays to help entice the customer while also giving them the feeling of the holiday season. This isn’t always easy… wrapping boxes with your store logo on them and placing them under a Christmas tree can be easier, of course, but how is this spotlighting what you have to offer them from your store assortment?

Remember to do the following in your displays to be more effective in having your displays support your sales:

1. Use product that is available for purchase within your displays, specifically highlighting product that accommodates the particular holiday season.

2. Use additional display product that is not part of your store assortment as accent pieces to help promote what they can actually purchase.

3. Use these three general rules of merchandising as your basis for a visually pleasing display – which are BALANCE, COLOR and HEIGHT. Balance refers to making sure your entire display coordinates from all angles. Color references both the wow factor it brings to your audience and the combination of how you use color to create that wow. Height refers to making sure key products are eye level to ensure they are visually seen versus having them in the corner, on the bottom of the display or anywhere else within the display that may be overlooked.

By incorporating these points together and combining your store product and display product together, the opportunities are endless for an amazing display.

Theme It

Tis’ the season for some great shout outs to holiday classics. Whether it’s referring to your favorite Halloween custome or referencing a Christmas movie classic, consumers respond to their own memories when drawn in by displays that capture them. Consider using a theme to embrace your entire holiday visual plans that carry through from the store front window to inside displays to promotional events. Make sure it’s an obvious theme that most consumers can relate to so that you don’t have a void in grabbing the attention of a lot of your consumers.

Switch It Up 

Many retailers create wonderful displays for the holidays that stay put for almost two months before getting a face lift. The work they put into the display is certainly worthy of a long run without interruption, but unfortunately this doesn’t always capture all of your customers. Why not consider doing smaller displays each week that help promote the holiday season versus one huge display to last all season? By switching it up, your regular customers will have a new reason to come into your store and potential customers are more inclined to walk in each time you offer something new in your display. You can make it even more fun by taking pictures of your displays and having customers vote on their favorite at the end of the season.

Whatever you decide works best for your store, just remember the opportunities that are being missed or taken by each display being made! The goal should be more than just a great visual masterpeice – it should be a support to the sales you are trying to make for your store.

Have holiday display ideas of your own? We’d love to hear from you! Comment below.

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