How Biometric Scanners Can Affect Retail Business

Biometric authentication has moved from science fiction to daily reality for many. However, biometric authentication is not limited to major defense contractors and next generation IT security. In fact, a growing number of small businesses are adopting biometric authentication. Let’s look at a few of the most popular applications. 

Streamline Workforce Management 

Businesses are increasingly using biometric authentication for workforce management. Create an employment record, scan their thumbprint and/or face, and they’re good to go. Teach them how to use a thumbprint scanner to clock in and out at work, and they’re ready to use the time card system. You don’t have to worry about badges, though those are a useful tool in their own right. The new hires don’t have to learn a user ID and password. You don’t have to worry about them giving their login credentials to others to clock them in or log them out. 

Increase Customer Service without Sacrificing Security 

Biometric authentication can be used to speed up the process of handling more sensitive transactions, too. Let a manager process a refund or release a lockout authorized by a thumbprint or facial scan instead of a badge or password. Other employers can’t impersonate the manager to steal products or give their friends discounts. Adding biometric authentication to workplace computers means that someone who steals the boss’ laptop can’t access financial records, because you could prohibit either login or access to key files without biometric authentication.

Or you could give employees laptops and tablets connected to the corporate network so they can serve customers wherever they are located. Use biometric authentication to prevent customers for viewing product information or stealing company data. For example, nurses could track medication doses and order refills, but the patient can’t steal the tablet and request more because the system recognizes that they are not authorized to do so. 

Add an Additional Layer of Security 

Many firms try to limit the cash that they store on the premises, but you’re still forced to maintain a safe. Adding biometric authentication prevents someone from sneaking in and emptying the safe using stolen credentials. You can use biometric authentication to limit access to store-rooms filled with high value items to reduce the risk of their theft, as well. Note that biometric authentication is not just used to protect valuables. You can use the same technology to make it easier for authorized HVAC personnel to access to roof while keeping out the curious explorer. 

We’re starting to see biometric authentication used to give the general public access to facilities. For example, the TSA has begun experimenting with allowing vetted travelers using biometric authentication and pre-printed boarding passes. 

A few companies are using facial recognition to do away with badges altogether, though more of them use facial recognition in tandem with badges to deal with problems. For example, your new haircut or beardless face may not be recognized by the computer. Furthermore, the use of face masks has caused many facial recognition systems to struggle to correctly identify people. And maintaining someone at the front desk allows you to continue to give access to authorized employees if the IT system is

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