How Online Faxing Can Benefit Retail Stores

Many retail stores still operate with fax machines for their daily operations. But with today’s advancement in technology, did you know that there’s a new way to fax, which can save you more time, effort, and money?

Companies providing online fax service offer a modern way to fax, which enables you to send faxes in a digital format via the internet from your mobile device, email, or computer. When compared to the traditional way of faxing, you won’t need a phone line, a physical fax machine, as well as time and attention.

Switching to online faxing can provide several benefits. Regardless of how big or small your retail store is, below are some of the ways online faxing can be of great help:

Improved Security

Security is a major concern for many retail store owners these days. What makes online faxing different from traditional faxing is that it has robust security schemes and incorporates encryption technology.

Online faxing service providers like MetroFax can protect your documents via email encryption or SSL encryption. With this in mind, you don’t need to worry about sending faxes from remote locations since your information is well-protected.

Keep Your Documents Together

Another way how online faxing can be beneficial for your retail store is that it enables you to keep all your documents together. With the use of the internet, online fax service companies provide you a big storage capacity to keep all your faxes, allowing you to review your documents with ease and ensure that you’ve sent faxes to business partners or customers.


Maintaining fax machines can be expensive due to incurring costs for papers and ink cartridges. Other than the ongoing costs of papers, energy consumption, and ink cartridges, you also have to spend money on repairs, maintenance, long-distance charges, and local phone line services.

On the contrary, online faxing is very cost-efficient, hence it can be the best way to cut your retail expenses because you only need to pay for what you use. Also, you don’t have to think about unnecessary expenses.

Save Storage and Space

Almost all traditional fax machines are clunky, big, and take up desk space in offices. Using online faxing, on the other hand, won’t require any physical hardware for faxing. What you only need is your email address and a good internet connection to receive and send faxes.

Aside from saving physical storage space, online faxing provides enough data storage via the cloud to archive faxes and old files. Others also provide a mobile app and a website option to store faxes in the cloud. But it’s essential to note that it may vary depending on your chosen service providers.

While other providers will let you store your faxes permanently, some may not. So, it’s vital to consider investing in extra cloud storage, particularly if you do more file management and faxing.

Send Faxes From Any Device

Online faxing can be done by using various devices, which means that retail store owners can receive and send faxes from their computers, tablet, or smartphone at any time. You only need to sign in to your user account and set up faxing services.

With online faxing, preparing a fax is easy since you won’t even need any advanced training. What you should only do is to follow the steps properly and send faxes whenever or wherever you want.

More Convenient And Much Faster

One of the primary gripes that people had with the traditional faxing methods is speed. The reason behind it is that sending documents through fax machines was good for a while, but it no longer offers the speed it used to. One of the great things about online faxing is that it’s quick, saving your business more time.

Other than speed, the convenience factor that online faxing offers are superb. Online faxes can be sent from any device, whether it’s a tablet, computer, or mobile device. As long as you’re connected online, you can receive and send faxes without any issues. This is perfect for retail stores with remote workers who don’t have fax machines to receive and send documents.

Add Digital Signatures With Ease

One of the reasons why faxing is still a crucial part of most retail stores is because of signatures. Faxed signatures are legally stronger than the signatures sent via other methods. 

With online faxing, it’s much easier for you to add your digital signatures to the documents you need. You can even resend the faxed documents with digital signatures without printing anything out.


Online faxing can improve your retail store’s productivity, which is a significant advantage that you must remember. Other than that, it also reduces the expenses of your business, enabling you to save revenues. 

To enjoy the amazing benefits of online faxing, make sure to work with the best possible online faxing service provider.

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