How Packaging Can Transform The Customer Experience

The retail landscape has undergone huge transformations over the past decade, but the need to connect and engage with consumers still remains a key priority to generate sales and drive customer loyalty. There are numerous ways to bolster the customer experience, from exceptional customer service and loyalty schemes to product packaging.


The latter is what we’re going to focus on today, drawing on the experience from packaging experts Kendon Packaging, who will be sharing their insider tips on how retailers (both on and offline) can maximize customer buy-in through positive experiences.


The face of your brand


Product packaging isn’t just about what’s underneath, but also the brand behind the goods inside. Optimizing its impact both on the shelf and in the hand of the consumer is paramount to generating a positive product experience resulting in brand buy-in – particularly in a crowded marketplace with savvy shoppers. With this in mind, it’s essential that products are packaged in a way that not only makes the goods easily identifiable but also effectively depicts the brand.


While this sounds like a tall order, it doesn’t have to be. Think about Apple’s simple logo and slick packaging that instantly makes its products and brand recognisable, as well as desirable. This demonstrates their understanding of their products, target audience and brand message perfectly, making the whole buying process into an experience.


To master this yourself, focus on simplicity with your packaging choices – opting for unfussy designs and colors that succinctly communicate your brand and product message to your target consumer. Whether you’re selling essential household products or luxury items, synonymously marrying these two elements through packaging will ensure they stand out for the right reasons – contributing to a positive customer experience.


What’s inside counts


Keeping with the theme of simplicity, this should extend to the actual packaging material choices as well as the visual design. Why? Well, over-complicated product packaging can make or break customer experience – leaving them feeling frustrated with the length of effort required to actually get their hands on what’s inside.


To avoid this potentially negative situation, think about how to maximize the unwrapping of products through easy-to-open packaging – allowing users to connect with your products quickly and with minimal effort. From avoiding excessive plastic-wrapping to fiddly blister packs and more, strive to keep the end-user experience as a core focus when designing suitable packing.


However, it goes without saying that you don’t want to scrimp too much on packaging if it runs the risk of contents getting damaged during transit. There’s nothing more disappointing to shoppers than opening up broken or damaged goods.


Keep quality in mind


Regardless of the products you sell, we’d always recommend opting for premium packaging materials. Firstly, a quality packaged product instantly gives even everyday products a more high-end feel, making them more appealing to shoppers.


Secondly, from a practical point of view, premium packaging choices will ensure your products remain intact during transportation – reaching the end user exactly how they appeared coming off the production line. This will all go towards projecting a quality product and brand that consumers will be more inclined to buy into.


‘Unboxing’ and why it matters


While discussing packaging and customer experience, it’s hard not to ignore one online trend that’s becoming increasingly popular on YouTube: ‘unboxing’. This is where shoppers film themselves unwrapping the latest gadgets, toys and much more in front of their online subscribers. This influential marketing can be a real stimulus for potential buyers as they can see and connect with the product before they invest themselves.


As a retailer, it also offers a gateway for gaining exposure to a larger audience online as well as the unique opportunity to engage directly with customers on their level. Designed to heighten the sense of excitement and anticipation around the product, regardless of where the item was purchased, unboxing can be a highly effective form of marketing.


However, the packaging unveil must be done correctly in order to evoke a positive impact – finding the right balance between building suspense for that wow-factor reveal and functionality. Ultimately, for complete customer satisfaction products need to arrive in working order, so ensure the unwrapping experience is exciting without compromising the integrity of the product during shipping.


Think about the environment


With any packaging choices you make, it also pays to think about the environment, as many consumers are becoming more eco-conscious – eschewing products and brands that aren’t in line with their own eco-friendly values. Therefore, adopting environmentally friendly packaging could earn you some valuable eco-credentials with shoppers and online influencers, all while helping to minimize your brand’s impact on the planet – a win-win for everyone.


From cardboard boxes and void fill made from recycled materials to recyclable plastics and biodegradable twines, going green with eco-friendly packaging is now easier than ever with a huge choice available.

Whether you’re selling high-end electronics, shoes or groceries, one thing is abundantly clear – product packaging matters when it comes to customer experience. We hope with these insights, you’ll find plenty of actionable tips to help your brand realize its potential through impactful packaging that positively influences customers today, tomorrow and beyond.



Alex Jones is a content creator for Kendon Packaging. Now one of Britain’s leading packaging companies, Kendon Packaging has been supporting businesses nationwide since the 1930s.

Photo credited to Unsplash

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