How To Leverage M-Commerce For Your Retail Business

With the advent of technology, business owners are now aligning their companies towards changing trends. This strategy can help them improve efficiency, provide the utmost customer experience, and stay competitive. For example, retail businesses now integrate omnichannel strategies like M-commerce or mobile commerce to enable mobile shopping.

Many consumers now rely on mobile devices to research products and services, make an order, and complete transactions. Therefore, as a business owner, if your clients are heavy mobile users, it’s best to invest in an M-commerce channel. 

The three categories of M-commerce include mobile shopping, mobile payments, and mobile banking. This allows you to deliver a better impression to consumers. Also, it facilitates better personalization. Hence, it can help drive customer loyalty to a higher retention rate. 

Here are four ways to leverage this trend:

Take Advantage Of Text To Order



You can integrate text-to-order in your M-commerce strategy to enable a conversation-based order and pay process. To do this, your customers should sign-up for the service by providing vital details such as name, email, address, phone number, and payment information.

This feature allows your customers to order goods directly through text. Below are some benefits of using text-to-order:

Quick connection

You can connect with your customers faster. They’re easy to create and don’t involve graphics, images, or subject lines.

  • Flexibility: In case of complications like a customer finding it difficult to navigate within the M-commerce platform, the SMS strategy can transition them to the next phase. 
  • Accessibility: It doesn’t require internet access. Therefore, you can connect with your customers anytime and anywhere. 

Many successful companies that have incorporated text-to-order have realized increased customer satisfaction leading to growth in sales. For instance, Bev, a canned wine brand in Los Angeles, integrated text-to-order in its M-commerce strategy in 2020. It achieved a 350% growth with text to order in the first quarter.

Use It For Personalized Marketing



M-commerce platforms provide you with a direct marketing channel to promote your products. Hence, you can connect directly to your target customers. Here are some ways you can market your goods and services using the tailor-made functionalities in the platform: 

  • Enhance visibility: By displaying an online catalog of items in the newsfeed, your customers can browse through the wide range of inventory, make their orders, and complete their purchases. You can also include user reviews, product descriptions, coupons, and how-to videos to give your clients more confidence in your offerings.
  • Share messages: Send messages to your customers about new products or services available for sale. Mobile analytics can give insights into your clients’ shopping behavior, such as previous and current buying patterns. You can use such data to target specific buyers with personalized recommendations, appealing offers, and discounts.
  • Harness the geo-location technology: Notify customers near your retail store about the current promotions or remind them about their loyalty rewards.

You can take advantage of your M-commerce platform to segment your customer base and ensure each target group interacts with your products in real-time. 

Utilize It To Enhance Customer Communication



You can leverage your M-commerce platform to improve customer communications and build long-lasting relationships. Mobile commerce can replace or complement other means of communication that end users don’t use often. 

You can optimize it to suit your business in the following ways:

  • Ensure instant customer support: Use the in-app live chat feature or an easy-to-use help center on mobile platforms to communicate with customers and respond to their concerns. Also, customers can find basic questions and answers in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. 
  • Integrate customer feedback: Through in-app feedback mechanisms such as surveys, widgets, and reviews, buyers can share their feedback. You can identify your strengths and what needs improvement based on the customer feedback

This makes your brand more human as it increases your connection with your customers. 

Accept Mobile Payments



Customers prefer making their payments using quick, easy, and safe gateways. Luckily, with M-commerce, you can integrate your business with mobile payment solutions convenient for online and in-store smartphone shoppers. 

This way, you can offer your customers different payment choices for faster transactions and boost their shopping experience. Quicker payments attract new customers who want to benefit from better customer service. This results in high sales volume and more profits for your business. 


As a business owner, integrating mobile trends into your retail business can help you reduce the hassle, keep your customer base happy, and improve overall performance. Above are some ways you can leverage M-commerce to scale your business. Also, it would help to offer integrated services to your customers to make the most of your M-commerce strategy.

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