How to Make Your Product Page Pop

Your marketing and sales team has done their jobs. Customers are flooding to your product pages, and it’s time to close the deal. But is your website up to the task? You need to make sure your product pages pop so you can make sales and grow your bottom line.

Display Crisp Photos

Nothing will turn off potential customers more than blurry photos — unless you don’t have any photos at all. Consumers like to know what they’re buying, even when they’re shopping online and photos are the best way to show them. That’s why Kissmetrics recommends taking photos of your products from multiple angles, so there is no doubt in the customer’s mind about what the product will look like.

Kissmetrics uses American Muscle as a great example of using photos in a unique manner. American Muscle’s website has a mixture of professional and customer photos of every piece of their cars, so new customers can see every detail. Like American Muscle, your company should hire a professional photographer to make sure your website photos are crisp, clear and helpful.

Write Clear Descriptions

Once your potential customers are attracted by your product photos, you need great descriptions to accompany them. According to Shopify, many stores’ descriptions fall flat in two ways: they focus on features instead of benefits and are boring.

Your customers don’t want to read a long list of features or technical specs; rather, they want to know why they should buy that specific product and how it will make their life better. Specs are also boring. Your customers should be inspired to buy your product right then and there.

Tirebuyer’s Goodyear product page shows this tip in action. It breaks down its products by car type and clearly explains why customers should purchase that product. For example, the description for Goodyear’s Integrity tire shows what problem it solves: it provides a quiet ride for everyday driving. Similarly, the Assurance Fuel Max description tells customers it will save them money on gas because it’s fuel-efficient.

Make it Fast

Even the best photos and content can’t make up for a slow site. According to Kissmetrics, 40 percent of people will abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load. That doesn’t leave you much wiggle room — which is why you need to thoroughly test your site speed and make adjustments to anything that may be affecting load times. Even though videos and photos are great for engagement, they can really slow down your website. If customers leave your site before it loads, it doesn’t matter how good your pictures look.

This doesn’t mean you need to remove all media from your website, though. Make your images Internet-friendly, optimize your code, and invest in a top-notch web host to help your product pages load faster.

Have a Call to Action

Your call to action should be displayed prominently on your product pages. The point is to get visitors to buy your product, so they shouldn’t have any trouble finding the online shopping cart or the “Buy Now” button.

Use your brand colors (or a color that really pops) to grab your visitors’ attention, which will provide them with a positive user experience. Amazon’s yellow “Add to Cart” button is a good example of this. It sticks with the company’s branding, but is easy for users to find.

Photo Credit: Provided by Social Monsters with permission to use. 

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