How to Protect Your Store from Premises Liability Claims

Premises liability claims hold that the property owner or manager is responsible for any damages that arise because someone was injured on that person’s property. In these cases, it is expected that the owner or whoever occupies or manages that property should take all reasonable actions to ensure and maintain a safe environment for anyone who comes into it. If you are the property owner or manager and fail to do so, you may incur in premises liability.

In general, what types of situations or conditions give rise to premises liability lawsuits?

Here are just some examples:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Trip and fall accidents
  • Inadequate or insufficient maintenance
  • Animal bites
  • Children on property

What is expected from you as a property owner or manager to avoid premises liability claims?

Among the many personal injuries, premises liability is one more concept that comes into play. In these cases, however, the injury is caused because of some sort of defective or unsafe condition that exists on someone’s property.

It is expected then that the owner or manager of the property or store will not be negligent in maintaining or safeguarding this property. Obviously, there are cases in which someone gets injured and it does not necessarily mean that the property owner has been negligent. The injury could have happened due to an unsafe condition of which nobody was aware.

What are some conditions that may result in injuries to either guests or visitors?

Let’s say that oil has dripped on the store’s floor. If the owner or manager knew about this and did nothing to clean it up as soon as possible, someone coming into the property might have slipped and fallen on it.

The owner or manager should also make sure that there are no cables or extension cords in the hallways for people to trip over. This also applies to unsecured carpets or rugs that end up becoming trip hazards.

In cases of residential or office buildings, it might be expected that the owner or manager will provide adequate security, placing doormen or security guards in access points. If someone happens to walk into a building where there is no security present and injure or kill one of the tenants, the owner might be held responsible for not providing the necessary security.

Another area of concern for property owners is areas like swimming pools. Accidents in swimming pools normally involve children. So, it falls upon you to make sure the pool is fenced in and has a locking gate. Children may suffer accidents in pools even in cases where they have not been invited and a premises liability case could be just waiting to happen.

In conclusion, an owner or manager must constantly inspect the premises with an eye to spotting dangerous conditions. Then those conditions must be repaired or post a sign warning visitors must be placed in a visible area. On the part of your visitors, it is their duty to use reasonable care to keep themselves safe everywhere they go.

Get Legal Help to Fight a Premises Liability Claim

If you are a store owner or manager and are dealing with a premises liability claim, Johns Creek personal injury lawyer Pendergrass from The Pendergrass Law Firm as are other other law firms in your area. 

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