How To Use Online Polls To Improve Your Products and Boost Your Brand

Creating the right products for the right people is fundamental for achieving success in retail business. Easy online questions can be a quick and simple way to ask about specific details to improve your product and services and gather valuable feedback from your customers and target audience.

Social media polls are the best way to interact with your audience, you’ll have an immediate response and it’s highly likely to be shared. There are a lot of different questions that you can ask your followers about your products to plan new strategies, design new products and achieve success. And what’s more, it’s very easy to do.

You can use an online poll maker, like the ones Typeform provides for free, for instance, which are both practical and beautifully designed. With these types of templates, you can design your poll very fast, get instant feedback and it works on any device.

What Type Of Questions Can You Include In An Online Poll?

One of the benefits of social media polls is that you can get a lot of different perspectives on your product and business model. Here are some ideas about what specific questions you can ask.

Improve your existing products: You can get feedback about your products, learn about what your customers and potential customers like and don’t like so you can make some improvements. Ask questions about both general tastes but also about specific features of your products.

Get ideas for new products and strategies: If you want inspiration about a new line of products you can also ask your target audience. Ask about specific ideas and see how people respond to that.

Test a product that’s being designed (but is not available yet): If you’re in the middle of a product design and you want to know people’s opinion before you launch it, make an online poll and ask them directly!

Change your business strategy: You can ask for feedback from your followers about business decisions related to the marketing strategy, the after-sales service, the delivery transport company… anything! You can even ask about what they think of the price of your products.

Boost your brand –  Lifestyle questions: These types of polls can help you with branding and can also resonate with your audience. A small tip on this, if you want to go viral, make sure the question is related to a trending topic (and just make sure it’s aligned with your brand image).

Boost your brand – Fun, viral questions: Online polls are a different way to engage and interact with your audience. If you ask humorous and funny questions, the polls can go viral and have a lot of interactions.

How To Make A Successful Social Media Poll?

Here are some key points to build the best online poll for your social media accounts:

Use images and gifs: Everybody loves visual content. It’s definitely catchier than plain text and can go viral more easily.

Ask questions your audience wants to answer: Don’t focus only on what you want to ask, but what your audience wants. If you know what your followers are interested in, you can focus on those topics. If you’re not sure what type of questions work better, just try different topics and if they get a good response, keep going.

Adapt to each social media platform: If you’re doing the poll on Twitter, remember to use a hashtag and monitor the conversations around it. If you’re sharing it on Instagram, you can add a sticker and make it look cool. And if you post it on Facebook, remember to use audience segments to ask the questions to the right users.

Polls are both useful and fun

If you’re looking for a way to learn about your audience’s opinions with fun, viral content, polls are key. Remember that you can ask questions about your products but also about lifestyle, to get more engagement and boost your branding. And don’t forget to ask the right questions, use visual content and adapt to each platform’s benefits and tools, to have better results. It’s time for you to try a new online poll on social media!

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