Maximizing Add On Sales At Check Out

Too often retailers ignore their opportunity to gain an increase in sales by adding on additional products at the time of check out. For customers, the decision to purchase something has  already been made. Their wallets are ready to be opened and a transaction is guaranteed at this point. Adding onto this transaction is  up to you now.

The best time to add on additional skus to the purchase is when both you and your customer are physically at the point of check out. Your cash wrap station is an ideal spot to merchandise products that customers can easily add on to the products they have already decided they want. The key to making this happen is simply making your products affordable, small and appealing to a broad audience.

Point 1 – Make Your Check Out Items Affordable

Depending on your store, “affordable” will mean a few different things based on your overall assortment. From a general perspective, though, items merchandised at the point of check out should be obtainable to the majority of your customers. Keeping items less than $10 is best, and when possible, just a couple dollars or less is ideal. Again, depending on your business, the details will matter here. But items as simple as a cute set of magnets, a paif of cheap earrings, stationary, travel size shampoo and more are all ideas on what types of products should be included in your check out assortment. Even a pack of gum adds up in sales if every customer of every day buys one, so don’t dismiss what even a dollar can add to your overall sales.

Point 2 – Make Your Items Small In Size

Size shouldn’t matter, but it does when it comes to add on sales. Customers want to believe they aren’t “really” spending much more by throwing an extra something into their assortment of products to buy. But if that extra something is larger in size, it will stand out among the rest. If it blends in or disappears, it doesn’t phase them as much. These items can range from candy to hair accessories to note-cards or hand sanitizer. Whatever the extra something is, make it  easy to grab for your customers so they can just toss it onto their pile of goods to buy. It’s amazing how easy it will blend in, all while you end up getting a few extra dollars in your cash register.

Point 3 – Make Your Items Appeal To A Broad Audience

Whether you have guys or gals shopping in your store, you want to make sure all of your consumers can respond to the product assortment displayed at your point of check out. It’s important that there is something for everyone offered, even if it means brainstorming just a little longer on what that something may be. If you do have a broad audience of a consumers versus a more narrowed target market, allow space to accommodate everyone instead of missing add on sale opportunities.

Making sure that you display these products in a clean, concise yet appealing fashion at your point of check out is also essential. In addition, you want to encourage your sales team and those ringing up transactions to verbally recognize your point of sale products so that customers are reminded of them once again – not just visually on their own. Finally, set goals for your store and each team member to help drive  add on sales through your point of sale check out procedures. This extra push can help increase the momentum and value of this opportunity.

One dollar on each sale made can add up, so don’t overlook this important chance to make more money for your retail business!

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