Name-Drop Merchandise: 3 Reasons You Should Add It To Your Store

Looking to capture stronger sales in your resort, souvenir or gift store? Look no further than name-drop merchandise, which is inventory sold that offers names customized – including the names of people and places – on each unique item. From keychains to ornaments to plush toys to t-shirts and more, there is an abundance to discover when it comes to how name-drop merchandise can benefit your business. Among the most important discovery, however, is sales. The reason for this is simple, really. People identify with their names and names of those they are looking to give gifts too, therefore name-drop merchandise easily connects with them more so than items that don’t offer customization. Additionally, consumers love to commemorate trips and experiences they have had by buying products that identify the town, resort or region of which they are visiting. To help leverage this sentiment, consider the following three benefits name-drop merchandise can offer your store.

  1. Name-drop merchandise helps attach lasting memories to buyer experiences.

When customers visit your store, they are often doing so as part of an experience that has been thoughtfully planned and often budgeted for over quite some time. This is particularly true for shops located in resort destinations or attached to museum or other location that welcomes tourists, school groups and more. By offering them customized products with names incorporated into these items, buyers feel a stronger connection to want to make a purchase while also gaining a stronger sense of attachment to your unique destination. This is a winning combination for retailers looking to increase their daily sales.

  1. Name-drop merchandise offers variety to traditional inventory assortment.

Consumers are no fools as to what they can expect in shops nowadays, particularly stores located at resorts or other destination locations. From embroidered hats to destination-themed coffee mugs to postcards offering beautiful photograph reminders of their visit to your unique destination, these are all expected in most tourist themed areas as well as gift shops. What’s a welcomed surprise, however, is when inventory stretches beyond the obvious and connects with customers more personally. This is yet another added-value of name-drop merchandise, which you can find in vast assortment at the International Gift & Exposition Show (IGES) in Tennessee taking place from October 31 – November 4, 2017.

  1. Name-drop merchandise is available in lower minimums than traditional inventory.

Due to the unique aspect of name-drop merchandise, most vendors are flexible with their opening orders and re-orders when it comes to name-drop merchandise. Their end-goal is to see you be successful with name-drop programs, therefore vendors are often much more realistic with inventory minimums when it comes to this unique category of products. Keeping this in mind, this gives merchants the opportunity to welcome more assortment and variety in their stores thanks to the lower minimums it takes to buy into name-drop merchandise.

Finally, when looking to incorporate name-drop merchandise into your store inventory, be sure to consider what names may do best in your demographic area. Vendors should know what names, regional slogans, resort terms and more have historically sold best for them, as well as you should consider any common names that may be more unique to your specific region. Taking the effort to do this research prior to placing orders will help you increase your product sell-thru while also strengthening your inventory assortment. Collectively, these efforts will help you deliver stronger sales and a more engaged customer-experience.

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