New Ways To Display Your Wares

It is a time-honored tradition in retail to display your products in a way that encourages customers to buy them. As our commerce system has gone from mom-and-pop to big box, techniques that were once simply a matter of placing things in plain view has become a science. Everything from lighting to placement relative to other products is taken into consideration as merchandisers and store staff place things out for viewing.

Even if you aren’t on the scale of a nationwide retailer, you can learn from the things they do. The science behind point of purchase displays holds true regardless of the size of the seller, so don’t reinvent the wheel. Look at what works for others and find a way to incorporate it into your own marketing strategy. While there are as many kinds of displays as there are products, there are some specific things your displays should do to grab attention. Here are some ideas.

Let Signs Point The Way

It’s always been helpful to bring attention to your display with good signs, but technology has made it a very different game now. Signs today can do far more than the trusty cardboard units of days gone by. Digital signs today can make your message bright and dynamic, with motion, color, and graphics. That versatile message can be mobile, operating with batteries or solar power.

We know that the most fundamental way to grab attention is to break the monotony. That’s why emergency vehicles have flashing lights and sirens to gain attention. The sights and sounds must stand apart from everything around them. When your sign has been up too long, it blends into the scenery and people tune it out. With just a few moments on a keyboard or wireless device, you can update the message to refresh it in viewers’ eyes, recapturing their attention.

Being Informative

Sometimes good sales are a result of doing a good job reminding people that they need your product. For example, landscape experts treat lawns for crabgrass very early in the spring, long before most homeowners are thinking about weed control. A store display of crabgrass preventer can provide information about why you should treat so early in the year, and then provide you the product to do so.

Seasonality is about more than just the four seasons, though. There are focused windows of time throughout the year when products should be ready for sale and displayed accordingly. Shoe stores need to have cleats out when youth baseball leagues start. Cell phone stores should have mobile chargers handy as vacation season approaches. And once you know what should be featured, you need good store displays to feature it.

Capitalize On Product Synergy

Every retailer understands the concept of suggestive selling. It can be as simple as “Would you like fries with that?” The idea is that if the customer wants Item A, you should also try to sell him or her Item B that complements it. Offer a scarf to the customer who bought gloves, a thermometer to the customer who buys aspirin, and so on.

But in many retail situations, there’s no associate to make that offer, so the display has to do it for you. It does so by being positioned properly and letting customers see the connection between what they are buying and what they should also be buying. Like an effective sales associate, a good display should be situated near relevant products and should provide information about why they should be buying the second product.

It’s no longer profitable to offer goods for sale with a simple, functional display. Your competitors will leave you in their dust. Sales today require that you display your goods in a way that captures customer attention, highlights product features, and links to products the customer already wants. With this formula, you’ll see the display do everything except stay full.

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