Programmatic Advertising 2019: Why it’s the Next Big Thing in Digital Advertising

Online advertising has changed the marketing scenario for businesses – programmatic ads have further fueled the change. It is swiftly becoming part of the digital strategy of marketers, and why not? It has the approach, range, and reach which all marketers need for their brand campaigns. That’s why it is no more an option in digital marketing, rather has become a necessity which no marketer should overlook to increase the success rate.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Simply put, programmatic advertising is the automated way of buying ad space on digital media through software. It has changed the landscape of online advertising by making it more effective, less expensive, and faster. Previously, marketers had to request for quotes manually, which was a frustrating and time-consuming process, but programmatic advertising has shifted the whole process to algorithms and software.

In traditional advertising, the marketer had to buy the digital impressions before-hand, but now the marketers can buy impressions through real-time bidding to display ads on various websites by buying impressions individually.

Programmatic advertising was the future of online advertising, which is now gradually becoming our present according to the latest statistics. According to eMarketer, by 2019, 83.6% of US digital advertisement will be programmatic, whereas worldwide programmatic ad spending will reach $85 billion.

It’s already middle of 2019, and if you haven’t switched to programmatic advertising, then here is why you should now: 

Real-Time Analysis

Every marketer dreams to measure the impact of its advertising campaign to judge its effectiveness so that it can be adjusted accordingly to bring out maximum results. It wasn’t possible with the traditional advertising, but as programmatic advertising is an automated method, so it is now possible to gather and analyze data of the campaign as soon as it is launched. Marketers can improve the campaign based on the collected data.

Flexible Approach

According to a programmatic agency based in London, programmatic advertising has brought flexibility in the overall process of advertising. Previously, advertising was a rigid process as it wasn’t possible to bring changes in the campaign before its end. The accessibility to the real-time data and the ability to make changes in the campaign have enabled the marketers to run a successful and effective campaign.

More Reach:

Traditional advertising doesn’t give surety to reach to a large customer base. Will your potential customers encounter your campaign? If yes, then will it reach out to a large customer base or not? There isn’t any guaranteed answer to these questions.

However, programmatic advertising has more reach as it targets your potential customers through many websites. It increases the visibility and chances of success of your campaign.  


In this competitive world, you can’t afford to sit back while the rest of the world adopts new marketing strategies. If you are still clinging to the traditional marketing methods, then it is time to adopt programmatic advertising to make your campaigns more effective and target-oriented.


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