The Retail Partner Program was inspired by the idea that independent retailers need more than just cheerleaders cheering them on… They need coaches to help them reach their goals. 


Through Retail Minded’s valuable reach of Advisers, retail experts, industry leaders and experienced retailers, we support independent businesses from all sectors of retail (both service and product based) by:


  • Delivering timely news, education & support to help small businesses thrive in their unique goals
  • Provide realistic tools and resources that entrepreneurs can lean on immediately
  • Offer insight to help achieve economic success as a business owner – and as part of a larger community

Here’s how it works:

Retail Partner Program

Are you a retail trade association, chamber of commerce, city, private business or part of a retail group that wants to share Retail Minded with more than ten people?

Have a membership based program you want Retail Minded Magazine to be a part of?

Have an audience that needs support in achieving their entrepreneur dreams?

The Retail Minded Partner Program is designed to uniquely support your group goals by providing:

  • Membership Benefit
  • Education Fulfillment
  • Economic Support
  • Expert Leadership

Have Retail Minded Magazine delivered digitally to your group four times a year, plus put your business or sponsor name on the cover of the magazine!

Want to know more?

  • Control Your Distribution of Retail Minded Magazine – we never ask for email addresses and let you control when & where you send RM!
  • Put your business name on the cover of your digital magazine, offering exposure “Courtesy Of” from you or a sponsor
  • Get Exclusive Offers & Deals from Retail Minded When Working as  Partner!


Read some testimonials from existing partners! 

PLUS! Meet Some

Existing Partners Here! 


We LOVE it! Thanks very much for your work, we’re looking forward to this partnership!”

Laura Leigh Goins, Vice President, Communications and Member Relations – Kentucky Retail Federation


I have heard very positive feedback on the magazine! We appreciate all of your support.”

Lynne Schwartz, Executive Director – Downtown St. Charles Partnership


I love the Retail Minded Magazine. It is information that all of us can use in one way or another.”

Kimberly L. Reid, Director of Mall Marketing & Business Development, Bangor Mall – Member of Retail Association of Maine

Ready to get started or learn more about our Retail Partner Program? Please contact Heidi at 


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