Revamp Your Retail Space and Watch Your Profits Soar

Imagine walking into a store to purchase an item or two. Perhaps it’s a store that you’ve not visited before, and you may have trouble locating the thing you want. Perhaps the aisles are not properly marked, or the displays are jumbled and disorganized. You may browse for a minute, searching high and low, but you may also become frustrated and leave, and move on to a different shop.

Proper organization in retail stores is crucial. Attractive displays and neat shelves allow customers to find what they need quickly, and it also ensures that they’re likely to return in the future. Poor organization, shelving displays, and lighting can seriously damage your business and diminish your profits and repeat business.

Just like any building, retail stores and spaces need occasional updating to remain relevant and attractive to customers. Simple changes in lighting, color, shelving, and design can all add up to more money, which is always the store owner’s bottom line. Here are some tips that can help you revamp your store to bring in customers and boost your profits.

Assess Your Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is one of the most important elements of an attractive and modern shop. Proper lighting allows your customer to adequately see the merchandise, and the easily navigate their way through the store. Inadequate lighting can hide items and make it more difficult for the customer to find and select their purchases, and may result in loss of revenue.

If you’re using tube lighting, it can appear dated. Consider adding some hanging drop-style light fixtures to enhance the overall look of the store. Make sure that these fixtures are identical throughout the space to promote a sense of continuity and to prevent the customer from feeling distracted by dissimilar lighting.

A properly painted ceiling is also necessary to enhance the feel of the lighting. Avoid dark colors on the ceiling and if you use acoustic tiles be sure that they’re uniform and clean.

Shelving Is Crucial

Shelving is likely one of the most important aspects of a well-designed and customer friendly retail store, but it might also be one of the last things that an owner or manager thinks about. While it may be customary for employees to rearrange the shelving and the floor set periodically, the quality of the shelves may not be considered.

Pharmacy shelving that highlights your products and is easy for the customer to see and access can make all the difference when it comes to the final purchase. If the customer has trouble locating their desired item, or if the shelves are old and narrow, it can severely impact the possibility of a sale.

Choose shelves that are attractive and wide and deep enough that your products are readily visible and customers can reach them with ease.

Design and Decor

The design elements and the decor of your shop not only serve to make customers feel comfortable and intrigued; these can also bring potential customers from the outside in. Attractive window displays are always key, but what’s inside matters just as much.

Paint can be a great way to brighten your space and highlight areas of the store that you’d like customers to notice, especially if that area showcases high dollar items. Paint one wall a bright and contrasting color to draw the customer’s eye to the area, and they’ll likely decide to browse that part of the store as well.

While seasonal decor has its many benefits, changing the decor on a regular basis also attracts customers. By using your products to create innovative scenes and floor sets, you can push more expensive items by showcasing how they might fit into the customer’s home or personal space. This can also be used to clear discontinued items and make room for new stock.

With so much competition in the retail world, it’s key to keep your store attractive to customers and well designed. Great shelving, bright and cheery paint, attractively designed lighting, and great design can all serve to draw customers and increase purchases.

Small changes can add up to big profits, so consider revamping your store with these tips and rejoice in the results.


Contributed by Michaela Kajiwara, freelance writer. 

Photo Credit: Provided by Business Outreacher with permission to use. Shutterstock image. 

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