Looking to build an online business? Look no further. Shopify provides easy to use e-commerce templates that retailers and consumers alike love. Their mission is quite simple, really, yet it has impacted thousands of indie merchants in powerful, revenue generating ways. All they want to do is help emerging small businesses get off the ground and grow their companies… and if you’re like most of the other small business owners we know, we’re betting that’s all you want, as well (grow your company, of course).

Like independent store owners, Shopify began small. Each step, each action, each goal achieved was something to celebrate. Fast forward to today, and Shopify continues to take strides towards improving their efforts in improving online businesses for retailers. The catch? They are already e-commerce rock stars with a client list to prove it. But don’t be fooled… their indie success story has an indie mindset that isn’t going away. The folks at Shopify work hard every single day (actually, every single minute… they have 24/7 support) to help merchants succeed in selling online.

From setting up your shop to customizing one of their awesome templates to make it look your own to strengthening your SEO to identifying the best shopping cart options for your biz, Shopify does it all. The only part you need to do? Sign up. And as a Retail Minded reader, you get 10% off! Pretty sweet, huh?

Learn more about Shopify here!

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