Share the Love: Why You Should Get Engaged

This piece is contributed by Joey Blanco, Content Coordinator of ShipStation.

Technology and tools change, update, or disappear in a heartbeat, especially for online sellers. Twenty-five years ago, you were fine without a website (but ahead of the curve). Fifteen years ago, social media was MySpace (unless you were angsty or a band, you probably skipped this). And five years ago, if you didn’t have a website or social media presence, your business may as well not exist (a lot like MySpace, actually).

With an ever-changing landscape—and new social media platforms popping up regularly—how are keeping up with and engaging your customers? We have a few ideas that you can implement now to build a loyal and engaged customer base.

Do more on social media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all allow you to record and share live video. DO IT! Have a new product on the way? Feature it in a live video. About to run a promotion? Give Facebook/Twitter/Instagram users early access via live video. Or, just show off what a day-in-the-life looks like. Everyone wants a peek behind the curtain and live video is that opportunity.

No, seriously, do more on social media

Videos and images will net you far more engagement than a simple status update. Put out a poll, ask your customers goofy questions (that tie back into your products), but ultimately, be more than just a monolith. Share your Spotify playlist and get song recommendations. Produce short videos, like those food/recipe videos we all stop and watch. But whatever your brand’s personality is, show it off.

Customer reviews

All due respect, you’re hardly an unbiased source when it comes to your products. But your customers? Well, their opinions hold some weight. Shopify collected some pretty amazing stats around reviews: Nearly 2/3s of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if the product has reviews. 70% of customers read reviews and ratings before buying. And nearly 80% of buyers trust a review as much as a personal recommendation.

Get emotional

 If you have a good story, tell it. Give your customers a reason to connect with you and by extension, your brand. The WHY behind your business is what can drive an emotional connection, so don’t shy away from it. Maybe you started your company to build a better XYZ. Maybe you came back to the family business after 12 years away. Whatever your story, tell it! It’ll allow your customers a chance to feel like they’re doing more than just buying a product—they’re supporting someone’s dream.

Be personal

 If you’re sending tracking or delivery emails after your customers order a product, don’t be generic. Use their first name or Ms., Mrs., or Mr.. They probably know it’s an automated email they’re receiving, but taking that extra step to make sure you use their name takes little effort but will pay off big.
Easy peasy, y’all. Be more present on social media, use reviews, tell your story, and be personal AND personable. When you see positive or negative reviews, respond to them! If a customer tags you on Facebook, like it and comment. Interaction helps generate engagement. And it’s through engagement that you establish your brand and keep your customers coming back around.

ShipStation strives to make online sellers exceptionally efficient at shipping orders through automation, ease-of-use, and by connecting with over 100 integrations.

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