Six Ways To Market Your Premium Services And Products To High-End Clients

Marketing to people who are all about luxury needs to be…well, luxurious. 

Marketing can be challenging in general, no matter who you’re promoting to. There are plenty of things you need to get right, from choosing the right channels to creating engaging content in order for your efforts to bring your business a satisfactory ROI. The added pressure of having to tailor all your strategies in a way that attracts high-end clientele could make you feel like marketing is just impossible. 

Well, it is not! Like any type of audience, affluent consumers can be convinced to buy. Still, specific different consumer patterns may make things just a bit more complex. But, the more significant the investment (be it in time, money, effort, or any other resources), the bigger the revenue if high-net-worth clients are buying from you.  

So, how do you attract high-end clients to pay good money for your premium services or products? Here are six tips: 

Start By Understanding This Type Of Audience

As with any kind of audience you’re trying to convince to buy from you, the first step is to understand high-end clients inside out. 

Understanding the audience that you’ll be promoting to is of utmost importance for plenty of reasons. It helps you figure out what content and messages people care about and triggers them to make the purchasing decisions that are in your favor. 

Now, when it comes to high-end clients, understanding them is twice more crucial because pretty much marketers know about the average consumers applies very little to wealthy and affluent individuals. 

So, researching high net worth individuals is vital if you want to attract them into spending their higher disposable income on your products and services. This will help you build a customer profile and get a clear idea of who they are, what they like about a company, and what services and products they need or want. 

The research will help you reveal demographic details such as age, gender, location, and income. You’ll also learn psychographic information such as personality traits, values, opinions, and emotional responses that trigger their purchase decisions. 

Knowing all these things about your wealthy audience will help you tailor your marketing strategies so that they attract, engage, and retain. 

Encourage Word-Of-Mouth

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most important social media, especially when it comes to wealthy consumers. In short, word-of-mouth means that your company and products get recommended by previous customers. 

As a general rule, people surround themselves with others who are somehow similar to them, including when it comes to their wealth status. So, it’s very likely that wealthy consumers you’re targeting mostly hang out with other rich people. And, like all consumers, average or really affluent, people talk about the brands, products, or services they like and don’t like. 

Now, when you’re trying to attract more affluent individuals to buy from you, word-of-mouth is your entry ticket into an inapproachable, exclusive, and elitist group. All you have to do is ensure that those wealthy clients who pay for your products/services have a great experience with your brand and then encourage them to tell their friends about it. 

 Strategies like providing excellent customer service, maintaining positive language, asking for testimonials, and engaging customers on social media are all essential steps to keep that good word of mouth spreading

Tap Into Your Personal Network

There’s nothing better than an in-person meeting when trying to establish strong connections with your audience, whether you’re aiming for the average consumer or the high-net-worth one. But, once again, the group of high-net-worth people can be really elitist and complex to get in. So, you should tap into your personal network to see who knows who and whether or not they can introduce you. 

Meeting these individuals in person at events could really give you a chance to talk to these wealthy potential clients about your company, products and even convince them to come to your location and give your brand a try. 

Ensure The Product Sells Itself

There’s no better way to convince someone to buy from you than a perfectly designed product or service that meets all their needs and wants. 

If you really want high-net-worth clients to pay for your products or services, you need to ensure that your product/service really is worth their money, especially if you want them to keep coming back. 

It’s no secret that wealthy individuals purchase luxurious products because they can afford them and because they love their fanciness. But, if you want them to buy yours, you need to make sure that the product is more than fancy packaging and a logo. It must really meet their needs and preferences.  

Select The Right Channels To Meet Them

Everybody uses social media, the Internet, mobile apps, and so on. Wealthy people do too. However, they tend to engage differently with brands digitally than the average consumers. So, your marketing efforts should be very carefully thought out as they are aimed at just a pretty small group of consumers. 

In order to meet high-end clients online, you need to find out where they spend their time online, from niche social media platforms to websites dedicated to luxury brands and lavish lifestyles. They may also follow specific blogs that focus on the same topics or follow sumptuous influencers with an elite audience. These are the channels you should focus your promoting efforts on. 

Use The Correct Language In Your Marketing

Like with every other type of audience, you need to choose your words well to attract, inspire and engage. 

First, it’s obviously important to understand the type of content that high-end clients actually want to read/listen to/ watch/ or engage in any other way with. Next, you need to choose your words well in the sense that everything from your CTAs to your introduction and greeting phrases must be tailored to this particular audience. For example, don’t use keywords like “best deal” because wealthy people aren’t really looking to save money when buying something. Instead, they might be better triggered by keywords related to their values, lifestyles, and wants. 

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