Tailoring Your Customer Experience for Gen Z Buyers

The world is constantly changing, and we as a species have always experienced eras of new innovations and technology. However, nothing we’ve ever seen could have prepared us for the goliath: the internet. The internet has moulded younger generations in a way that our forefathers could never have imagined. That’s why it’s safe to say that our very own times are long gone. Yes, age-wise but also how we interact and think. We are succumbing to a new culture that is starting to take over all our lives. And if we don’t implement it into our businesses, we will continue to lose touch with the new generation: The Gen Z’s.

You’ve probably realized how important it is to keep younger customers engaged as they are one of the biggest clients of the retail industry. Sadly, your old textbooks and notes aren’t going to help you win them over. These became obsolete with the dawning of the digital age, so how are you supposed to do it? How will you adapt changes to appeal to the Gen Z kids? It’s easy if you understand their mindset. Fortunately, these tips will be your golden ticket to doing just that.


Remember That Customer Experience Begins From Your First Interaction

Customer experience does not just begin when the customer enters your store. It starts with the customer’s first ever experience of your brand. This could be through the internet on platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. Isn’t there a saying that goes ‘your first impression is what counts?’ So make sure that your first line of assault – your social media accounts – are to the liking of our Gen Z kids.

This doesn’t sound so hard; but how is it done? By taking hold of pop culture and embracing it with all your heart. Through the power of the internet, many products as well as people, have gone viral through constant sharing on social media, propelling these sensations into pop culture. Make sure that your social media experts are well aware of these sensations. You could actually do this by merging pictures of your store’s brand combined with the latest trend.

You don’t always have a magnifying glass pointed at you online. If you don’t take the necessary steps, these posts can go unnoticed. This is why you need to work around this. On most social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, you can allow one of your posts to be displayed as a sponsored ad whilst a potential customer is swiping away at their friends’ stories.  With this in play, you’ll be drawing masses into your store’s retail account: an account that should be on ALL forms of social media. This is because you need to be exposed to as many people as possible.


It Would Be An Understatement To Say That Gen-Z Kids Are Just Opinionated

You wouldn’t find a Gen Z kid within a mile’s radius who doesn’t happen to be opinionated.  This is a double-edged sword. It allows for the newer generations to be vocal about issues in society but also allows them to be blunt in a way older generations are not accustomed to. Actually, your business could use this to their advantage. Your store can show genuine support for the issues the newer generations are advocating for.

For example, you could make your employees wear a piece of clothing such as a shirt or a baseball cap on earth day. This could carry a phrase referring to the drastic effects of global warming on the earth. This will not only be popular amongst your younger customers but also across all age groups as you’re showing solidarity with an important cause. Soon, your company will have a reputation for being one of the most conscious and caring brands out there.

If you’d like to take it up a notch, you could organize local charities or events such as cleaning up the local beach. This would be sure to attract a younger crowd. Not only will you be doing amazing work for the planet but you are also giving your Gen Z audience the chance to have first-hand experience with how caring your business’ brand is. You know they’ll be vocal about their satisfaction online which is an added bonus for you.


You Should Gain Their Respect

As mentioned, Gen-Z kids are probably the most vocal of all generations. Their outspoken nature is really a call for change. So why not help usher in this change? Make sure your employees are diverse and that everyone has a shot in your workplace, even the exonerated and falsely accused.

This will ensure that everyone knows you stand for equal rights, which the Gen Z kids would especially love. Thus, you’ll build up customer loyalty and have a new following of individuals from this age group.


Make Your Shop Memorable

We live in the digital age and most people spend their time on social media sites. This pastime is especially popular with Gen Z’s: they are called the most social generation for a reason. This would be a great point to keep in mind. You can make use of specific images or trends in your store that will attract a crowd that just wants to look at your social media posts. Of course, once there, they will actually go through your store and end up buying items.

Where can you start? The list of ideas is endless. For example, if your business does not already have its own mascot then you could create one and have it at the entrance to your shop. This would allow individuals just to visit your store to snap pictures, leading them to take a look at your merchandise as well. However, another route would be to actually  follow a theme throughout the design, such as a bubblegum chic or electric 80s.



In conclusion, the presence of Gen Z kids is a challenge to any business. Therefore, it is wise to tailor a shopping experience just for them.


Contributed by Jesse Powell is experienced in the field of marketing, having studied on all of its forms. Due to this, he is the best person to teach you ways to alter your customer experience. During this time, he’s had much experience helping clients improve their sales, deploying tactics like altering customer experience to bring in a profit. Having achieved a successful career, Jesse now helps others. He uses the internet as his platform.

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