The Benefits Of Digital Kitchen Displays vs. Traditional Ticketing Systems

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is in a hurry, especially when it comes to the food industry. Customers, restaurant owners, and everyone in between often struggle to find enough time in the day to get things done. Time is valuable to everyone. That is why it is even more important today for restaurant owners to stay updated with the newest technology to keep up with the demanding times.

Are you a restaurant owner and have been receiving complaints about order times because someone forgot to send the table’s order ticket to the kitchen? Or perhaps you have received a complaint about the wrong order because the kitchen staff could not read the writing on the order ticket correctly. When these situations happen, inconvenience doesn’t begin to describe what you and your customers feel. Today, we will talk about why you should replace your traditional order ticketing system with the new digital display system.

Traditional Ticketing Systems Versus Digital Display Systems

As briefly mentioned, traditional ticketing systems require the wait staff to take an order from a customer using pen and paper. They jot down the order and physically bring it to the kitchen staff, either leaving it on a counter or taping it somewhere.

There’s a lot that can go wrong in between taking the order and bringing it to the kitchen. The wait staff can suddenly be bombarded by other customer requests, forgetting to send the ticket through. Delays in taking the order can also happen if the pen stops working. Or, maybe it gets lost or dropped once it finally reaches the kitchen.

Ultimately, delays, incorrect orders, or even forgotten orders, mean a loss of revenue. A digital kitchen display system can ensure none of this occurs. As the name implies, digital display systems record and display information digitally. This means your kitchen staff does not have to wait for the order ticket to be physically handed to them, nor will they have to decipher what was written on the ticket.

How Do Digital Display Systems Work?

Digital kitchen displays integrate seamlessly with the POS software your restaurant already has. It can come in various forms. Typically, most devices resemble large mobile phones, mobile tablets, large computer monitors, or small television screens. On one end, the wait staff simply takes the customer’s order using the device. Once it is submitted, the order is digitally sent to the other end, which is the kitchen’s device. The order is then is queued in the order in which it was received.

The kitchen’s device lists the orders with all customizations, table number, and any other relevant information. It should be placed somewhere so all kitchen staff can see.

Once the order is ready, the kitchen staff can then alert the wait staff that the customer’s order is ready to be delivered. An efficient and effective way of taking orders, digital displays are now considered to be the norm to keep up with today’s highly competitive market.

Benefits of Digital Display Systems

There are many ways digital display systems can benefit restaurant owners like yourself. The most obvious benefit is the wait staff does not need to run back and forth between the floor and the kitchen. This within itself provides additional perks, like no illegible or lost orders.

By integrating it with your modern POS software, you can also acquire valuable information about your customer’s interests. For instance, the information gathered when wait staff takes orders from your customers can later be accessed. This allows you to analyze which menu items are popular and which are not. This benefits you because you can change your menu items according to popularity, resulting in savings.

Although a digital display system runs in the background of your business, customers will also benefit from it. It offers your customers high-quality service, making their ordering experience seamless, quick, and convenient.

These are only to mention a few reasons and benefits why you should replace your traditional ticketing system with a new digital display system. By utilizing a digital display system, it benefits you, the owner, by saving you time and money. It benefits your employees because it alleviates frustration, which leads to burnout. Most importantly, it also benefits your customers by providing them with high-quality food and service. 

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