The Power of Packaging: What’s it Saying About Your Brand?

Consistently understated, product packaging can be one of the most effective marketing tools available to brands. A mobile advertisement and an effective communicator of brand image, carefully considered and targeted branded packaging can make all the difference to both the customer experience and, subsequently, your sales. With that in mind, today we’re taking a closer look at the power of packaging, detailing the different approaches businesses can take to communicate what their brand is all about.


You’re a legitimate brand

Establishing consistent branding across your packaging is an incredibly effective way of projecting a legitimate brand image. Whether it’s an easily-identifiable color scheme, eye-catching logo or unique packaging style, developing a recognizable brand across all your product packaging reinforces the authenticity of your product and, subsequently, drives consumer familiarity and sales as a result.

According to research conducted by Circle Research, 77% of marketing leaders believe branding is critical to growth. As such, look to develop an established brand identity that allows consumers to become familiar with you and your products or services instantly, therefore reinforcing the legitimacy of your business through the creation of a defined brand image.


You care about your consumers

Packaging is an easy and efficient way of communicating a positive public image that, in turn, can have a major influence on customers’ decisions. Keep your ear to the ground and listen to the preferences of consumers, adapting your packaging accordingly.

With research conducted by BillerudKorsnäs in 2017 stating that 72% of consumers across the globe are willing to pay more for products with packaging that promotes sustainability, it’s becoming increasingly evident that there’s value in listening to a consumer base that’s constantly shifting towards a greater collective environmental consciousness. With this in mind, implement eco-friendly packing as a way of bolstering sales while promoting an ethical public image. From biodegradable cups for catering businesses to recyclable paper bags for retail stores, there’s a variety of options available that meet both the requirements of your brand and the desires of your consumer.


You’re attuned to the latest trends

In recent years, packaging has become caught up in a plethora of social and viral trends. Your brand should look to capitalize on this, proving you’re a current and fashionable brand attuned to all the latest crazes.

Unboxing has become one of the most popular video trends of the past decade, with a recent video of an iPhone X unboxing obtaining a staggering 13 million views. As a result, we suggest you implement packaging that has the potential to create a buzz, offering freebies to influencers in an attempt to create a viral stir.

Alternatively, consider personalization wherever possible. A packaging model as simple as the one used by Starbucks, where staff write the name of customers on their products, can generate a hype across social platforms – with consumers posting pictures of their personalized products across Snapchat, Instagram and more. By offering something similar, not only are you proving your brand has one ear to the ground, but you’re also responding to consumer trends that, in turn, can only positively impact your sales.


Packaging has the potential to communicate a lot more about your brand than you may originally perceive. As such, be sure to make considered choices about your packaging solutions, reaping the marketing benefits of this silent salesmen.

Contributed by Elizabeth Raw, who works for R+R Packaging, providers of biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging materials for businesses within a wide variety of industries.



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