Topics to Discuss At Employee Meetings

Any good store manager knows that bringing your team together for a meeting means creating more than just a meeting – but an opportunity to engage, learn, inspire and grow from. When planned accordingly, store meetings can boost your team in store performance, increase their knowledge for product sell thru and find harmony among associates. Typically, one problem or one issue sparks the need for a meeting. However, planning regular meetings without an immediate need can be beneficial, as well.

Below are some suggested topics to introduce at your next employee meetings.

1. Returns & Exchanges

Sure, your team may know how to return a product. But do they know the best strategies to make an exchange instead? Often, reviewing some ways to turn a return into another purchase can help overall store sell thru. Additionally, reminding your team of any issues that stem from returns is always a good idea. Another topic to discuss? Your actual return policy!

2. Store Theft & Shoplifting

Unfortunately,  store theft isn’t going anywhere. It’s important to be realistic in understanding that theft not only happens by customers – but also by employees (gulp). As manager, you should have clear standards in employee bags going in and out of your store, as well as set standards on how your employees keep an eye on customers in the store. While discussing this at a meeting is great, many stores also benefit from posting these expectations in a common area for employees to review reguarly.

3. Overall store safety

Even the most seemingly safe stores still should have a plan in place “just in case”.  Whether an employee slices their finger pretty bad opening a new box of inventory or a customer comes in and creates an elevated problem, your entire team should know what to do. Have important contact numbers by the cash wrap / store phone, as well as encourage everyone to program important numbers in their cell phones. Nearby stores, local police and  of course, 911, are all numbers that should be easy to locate. Additionally, having a first aid kit on site can’t hurt, either.

4. Product Knowledge

A fun excuse to have employees to get together for a meeting is to gain new product knowledge. Almost all products in the market have some value to understanding them – whether it’s the contents of clothing, function of performance footwear, details about a new technology product, overview of seasonal foliage or more – employees always should be educated about what their selling. Additionally,  this is a great excuse to get a vendor into your store when possible to help educate your team on the product they rep.

5. Special Events

These are “special” for a reason, and deserve that extra TLC to prep for. This includes attention during meetings that allow your entire team to understand expectations during these events. Reviewing their roles, contributing roles, special sale details, local community details and anything else that is evolved in your “special” day is important.

At the end of the day – and particularly a retail work day when someone has been on their feet for 8 plus hours – no one wants to waste their time talking about what may seem pointless. Knowing this – and respecting this – it’s also a good idea to keep employee meetings fun while also informative. Order in pizza, have a little game to kick start the meeting or offer employee “prizes” based on their recent successes in your store. The ideas are endless since each store has unique issues, unique employees and unique assortment. Another thought? Have a morning meeting while everyone still has the energy to give their best.



  • brýle
    January 31, 2012

    Product knowledge is the base,.. you cant sell if you don’t know what are the +/- of the products..

  • Hili
    April 9, 2012

    Everything mentioned is correct. With a good Point of Sale software like Visual Retail Plus software you can pull up reports to see who is selling more, offering accessories, returning/exchanging and offering too many friends and family discount.
    Having the knowledge in your hands really allows you to be able and conduct these meetings and hit home run with some of the employees.

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