Trade Show Booth Promotion Ideas

You booked the show. You’re getting ready. You’ve crossed almost everything off your to-do list. Then boom – it hits you. How will your booth stand out from the rest? One way to help your booth make a pop among the sea of others includes introducing a booth promotion to your display. Depending on your product, brand and company, promotions are a great way to help boost your trade show presence and entice customers to want to visit your booth.

[tweetmeme]A few ideas to help keep your booth from blending in with the rest include:

1. A prize wheel.You may not be Vanna White, but you can still add just as much fun to your booth display with a wheel of prizes. Customers can spin the wheel for a chance to win a variety of prizes that include giveaways (pens, frisbees, etc.), product samples or even a percentage off any orders written at the show. Be creative as to what you can offer in your prize assortment – just make sure the prizes are something the customers will actually care about.

2. Scratch off cards. Who doesn’t like the idea of revealing a prize with  the simple scratch of a  penny? This is a fun way to engage customers while also giving them a takeaway card that had your company details included on it. What you scratch off (a picture of your logo?) and what they can win is up to!

3. A treasure chest of goodies. Coupons? Sure. Candies wrapped to look like gold? Why not. Fill this chest up with whatever you dream of. Just make sure those dreams include ways to get your customers more interested in your product and company! Mix it up to add some fun to the experience, such as having coupons and candy offered in your chest together.

4. Interactive games.Whether video games or board games, anything that keeps your customers smiling and having fun is a great way to create some buzz. Don’t forget to include prizes for the winners. Then again, you may want to offer the losers something, also! Afterall, the goal is to bring you sales. And when you can do that in a combined effort, all the better! As the say – the more the merrier!

5. Toss to win. Bozo style buckets or bean bag games are a great way to get pairs of people involved in a game. A friendly game between a sales rep and a customer can even be fun!

By introducing promotional games, giveaways and other incentives to your booth display, you offer potential customers the chance to comfortably say hi without expecting a quick sales pitch in return. While you may be in one booth all day, they go from one to the next to the next – so it’s up to you to decide how you can stand out in their memory from the hundred, or possibly thousands, that they may see during the their trade show visit.


  • Roger Hamilton
    August 16, 2010

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