Which Payment Types are Most Popular in 2019?

The way we exchange money is constantly changing. Coins and cash are becoming less and less prevalent, with touchless payment methods and others taking their place for further convenience and simplicity. It’s important if you’re running a business to keep up with these payment trends so that you’re not left behind when they become the popular choice for the year. Here are the most popular payment types of 2019.

Credit and Debit Cards

While the world of payment methods may be always evolving, one constant is the credit/debit card. These plastic cards have been used for decades now, providing simplicity and convenience for consumers worldwide. They’re accepted just about everywhere and can have access to cash limited only by the amount you have in your account.

Credit and debit cards have changed over time, form simple mag-stripe cards to RFID-chip enabled cards, to the more recent touchless payment cards. Whatever the case, credit and debit cards remain one of the top payment methods for consumers worldwide.

Ensuring your business accepts all credit and debit cards can be a vital part of retaining and attracting customers. Having a chip reader is a requirement, as any credit or debit cards issued after 2015 will have them. This means that anyone who’s opened a checking account or applied for a credit card in the last four years has a chipped card.


PayPal is the world’s largest and most trusted online payment processing organization. Since 1998, the company has provided secure payment and money transfers, even offering their own lines of credit. PayPal quickly evolved into the most-trusted online payment method, and still services thousands of online and brick and mortar retailers to this day.

With PayPal, you can send and receive money as well, making a must-have tool for freelancers and small business owners everywhere. PayPal offers mobile payments, and during the 2018 holiday season, the company actually hit $1 billion in mobile payment volume.

PayPal’s whole pitch is making payments easier, quicker, and more secure, and they seem to be doing just that. With numbers like $1 billion in mobile payment volume, it’s safe to assume that this favorite payment method isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Mobile Payments

Smart watches, smartphones, tablets, and more…the list of mobile devices goes on and on, and it’s becoming very uncommon for a person to own only one mobile device. Each mobile device is able to be connected to touchless payment methods such as Apple pay, so it’s safe to assume that mobile payments will quickly gain more traction in the retail world.

Touchless payments mean no more carrying around cards. The card’s information is stored within the app, which is opened during the transaction. The mobile device is held against the POS system (provided it supports touchless payments), and the transaction is completed. It’s that easy!

It’s safe to assume that mobile payments are here to stay, especially since just about everyone owns at least a smartphone. With advancements in technology comes smarter, more reliable mobile devices, and less intrusive ways of paying for goods and services. You’ll want to get a POS system that accepts these payment methods to stay ahead of the curve.


Ewallets are also gaining popularity in the payment method industry, being one of the top payment methods in the US. Shoppers register an eWallet account with a specific retailer, adding funds and providing personal information with which the retailer will authenticate its shoppers.

Once the shopper is authenticated, he or she can purchase goods and services with their eWallet. Ewallets are secure and create a much more personalized shopping experience for consumers. There are several methods of authentication, so consumers can be sure that their account is never accessed by anyone who isn’t authorized to use it. Mobile, email, and username/password identification methods are the most used.

Using an eWallet can help keep your shopping habits controlled as well since you’re not shopping directly from your bank account. You’ll have to fund your eWallet when you want to make a purchase.

Cash or Check

While cash and checks are certainly becoming a thing of the past, they’re still one of the most widely used payment methods in North America, and especially in the US. Cash still holds its value, and many consumers actually prefer using cash over using a credit or debit card.

Additionally, paying by check remains a staple as well, but the trend seems to be among older consumers as opposed to millennials and generation z’s. Debit cards essentially serve the same function as a written check and are generally more convenient than carrying around a checkbook.

Cash has been around for centuries, with printed money only a recent addition to gold or other precious metal coins. It’s safe to assume that while cash and checks have been put in the background for now, cash probably won’t disappear anytime soon. Digital currency is having trouble taking off in the mainstream money markets, so cash will probably experience at least a few more decades of use.


Payment methods will always change and evolve, and keeping up with these trends can mean the difference between staying in business and going out of business. Many small businesses struggle with this, using outdated or otherwise incompatible POS systems that don’t accept modern payment methods. Keep your POS system up to date, and be sure to stay aware of changing payment methods so you can be informed and better serve your customers.


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