Why You Need To Attend Trade Shows

Time and time again I hear retailers say one of two things. The first goes something like this:

Thank God for trade shows. I don’t know how my store would be successful without them.”

The other has an entirely different ring to it, with some merchants saying things like “I don’t have time for trade shows.”

So let’s get straight to the point here…

Retailers, trade shows must be on your to-do-lists. If you’re wondering why (kudos to those of you who already understand this valuable retail lesson), consider these three reasons:

Reason 1: Trade Shows Connect You To Vendors & Inventory 

As fantastic as a post show report is that rounds up all the latest and greatest trends featured at a show, nothing beats first-hand experiences of discovering the right inventory for your unique customer. When you attend trade shows, you gain face-to-face opportunities to be among the first to know what’s hot, what’s not and what your store needs to do for it’s business. Inventory aside, trade shows also connect you to vendors that can share with you valuable industry insight, product news and more. And if you want to pretend this doesn’t matter, that’s fine. But the reality is vendors do play favorites when it comes to their clients (that’s you). Don’t you want to be among them? Combined, these are reasons alone that should keep attending trade shows forever on your to-do-list.

Reason 2: Trade Shows Introduce You to Industry News, Education & More 

One of the many perks of trade shows such as ASD Market Week – held bi-annually in Las Vegas – is that retailers can experience more than just sourcing inventory for their stores. While that is a primary objective, gaining industry news, connecting with like-minded merchants, participating in educational sessions and attending networking opportunities are all among the other reasons. These each deliver amazing opportunities to help your business grow and evolve to be the best it can be. Don’t you want that for your store success?

Reason 3: Trade Shows Give You The Chance To Refresh Your Store Perspective 

Nothing gives you a new perspective better than stepping away from something for awhile. Consider relationships – whether with a partner, parent, friend or even a child. Often, when you step back for a bit and then step forward again, you can see this relationship in a new light. This perspective is also true for trade shows. When you take the time to physically leave your store – whether operating an online one from a home office or physically going to a brick and mortar location nearly everyday – you put yourself in a position to offer new light on your business. Utilizing the educational experiences you gained from the trade show combined with your vendor meetings, inventory sourcing and more, you are positioned to return to your store and deliver new, stronger opportunities for your business. That sounds pretty good… doesn’t it?

With a new year approaching, make sure your resolution is to attend trade shows. To learn more about an affordable shopping trade show that caters to nearly every consumer’s needs, consider attending ASD Market Week – where you’ll find Retail Minded, as well. Learn more here! 

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