Why Your Retail Store Should Be Marketing on YouTube

Video content is one of the best ways to drive brand awareness while increasing brand recognition. Video can also be used as a more personal way to interact with consumers. While video has been used for decades as a way to market and brand to the masses, today’s buyers aren’t looking for pushy commercials or promotional videos.

Instead, retailers need to find unique, fun, and personal ways to incorporate video content into their overall marketing strategy. If you’re looking to use YouTube as a way to spread the word of your company, you’ll need to focus on a content strategy versus an advertising strategy.

Here’s why your retail store should be marketing on YouTube and ways that you can use this social media network to better your brand.

Why YouTube is a Must Use Website

YouTube is a powerhouse for views. More than four billion videos are watched each day. While Google is still the go-to search engine, a growing number of people are using YouTube as a way to find information. YouTube stands as the 2nd most visited website across the globe.

The bottom line is that if you want subscribers and new customers, your retail business needs a YouTube presence. Even Google has recognized the importance of video content. Recently Google has increased its placement of videos in search results.

Another huge benefit of using YouTube to market your retail business is the fact that your content has the potential to go viral. Using YouTube and other social media sites, you can easily embed videos and then share them with your followers.

This means that your YouTube videos can get shared indefinitely.

Now that you know the benefits of having your videos uploaded to YouTube, you’re probably wondering what type of videos will get you the most results. Keep reading!

How Retailers Should Be Using YouTube

There are all sorts of ways that retail stores can use YouTube to market their brand while also trying to gain new leads and conversions.

Tutorials and How-to Videos

One of the best ways to use video content is to create tutorials and how-to videos. Consumers are always searching the web with questions, and your videos could provide the answers. By creating useful content that is targeted toward a particular demographic, you can effectively increase sales.

When consumers come across a brand that provides quality content, they’re often more willing to make a purchase. You can create all sorts of videos, including:

  • Revealing a new product
  • Showing how your product solves a problem
  • Explaining the many ways your product can be used (like a shirt that can be worn in the workplace or for a night out)

The options are truly endless! What’s important is that you create quality content that teaches and informs your viewers.

Make it Easy to Shop

You don’t want to post a video that just tells viewers to buy a product or service. Instead, you can use your video description or in-video links to offer an easy way for your audience to make a purchase.

Within your video description, you want to include a call to action that encourages users to make a purchase. Using a quick link that says “buy now” or “shop the look” is an easy way to coerce viewers to visit your store. A call to action is even more enticing if your video is compelling.

Using in-video links, you can hyperlink to external websites, including your website’s online store. When using in-video links, be sure that the link isn’t intrusive. Focus on making the hyperlink fit naturally into the flow of the content. This is a great way to encourage impulse buys.

Embrace Influencer Marketing

Influencers are known for bolstering sales and conversion numbers. A growing number of companies are spending even more money on influencer marketing. In fact, one study found that 17% of companies spend more than half of their marketing budget on influencers.

Over the last few years, vloggers have racked up views and subscriptions. There are dozens of YouTube stars that have millions of subscribers. By investing in influencer marketing, you could introduce your brand to tens of thousands of new consumers.

Influencers hold a lot of power in the art of convincing. Not only can you increase your YouTube followers, but influencers can also help you to get Instagram followers. Around 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations over any other form of advertising. This means that influencers are seen as not just a peer, but a trusted source of information.

Influencer marketing is for retailers of all sizes. Microsoft, L’Oreal, and many other big-name brands have also invested in influencers to push their products and services to the masses.


As a retailer, it’s more important than ever to incorporate video content into your marketing plan. Keep this information in mind if you’re looking to use YouTube to increase brand recognition and visibility.

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