3 Things Your Retail App Needs to Sell Your Products

As many new, and even older but complacent retailers know all too well, even if you have a great product to sell, if it is difficult to buy from you (either online or in a brick-and-mortar store) and your customer experience is lacklustre or confusing, people will stop shopping. Not only will people stop shopping, but if they are frustrated or disillusioned enough, they might even take to their social media to denounce you publicly, potentially convincing other would-be customers to take their business elsewhere. 

One of the most important things any independent retailer can do give themselves every advantage possible in a highly competitive industry is to invest in a good quality app for their business. Apps assist allow you to collect data, promote, market, sell and engage with your customers, but they need to be well-made. Below are 3 things your retail app needs to succeed. 

Make Use of QR Functionality 

QR codes are omnipresent and are easily read by a wide range of smart devices. Almost every company that takes its digital business seriously makes use of QR codes. Consumers like QR codes because it makes shopping easier, and if your app doesn’t use them, but your competition does, it could be hurting your business. 

If you manage your own web and app design, it is possible to follow easy-to-use guides on integrating QR functionality. QR codes can enable your customers to make instant purchases in-store, quickly access promotional material via physical advertisements, and they encourage app use, which allows you to collect better data on your core demographic and better understand their needs. 

A Straightforward and Intuitive Interface

Your UI will, without a doubt, make or break the adoption and success of your app. If a customer opens your application and discovers that it is hard to navigate, they will almost instantly stop using it. What’s more, once you start using an app for your retail business, it quickly becomes the face of your company. That can be good, or devastating.

This is where your customers will decide whether or not they are going to spend money with you or not. Make your UI simple, have it optimized for brand recognition (colours and logos), use basic drop-down menus, and have clean, easy-to-read font and bold icons. You can leverage a lot of growth off of a stellar app interface. 

Make it Simple to Purchase 

The reason that simple purchase functionality is so important to retail apps is that it facilitates impulse buys. People will often visit a store without any intention to make a purchase, but can be easily swayed if there is a product or promotion that catches their eye. This is especially true in the latter scenario, as a large percentage of people who may otherwise abandon the checkout process will continue on to make a purchase if a coupon or offer is presented to them. 

As with your retail website, the idea is to get people engaged, selecting their purchases and on to the checkout in as little time and in as streamlined a fashion as possible. If it is difficult to purchase something; if the calls to action are not there, or if the app doesn’t do a good job of guiding people through the purchasing process, it will not help you generate sales. 


Building an app for your independent retail is an investment–certainly of money, and perhaps even of your time if you plan on and are capable of developing it yourself. But if done right, it can take your sales to the next level and provide your customers with a clean, simple, and convenient way to shop. Keep the above retail app design features in mind and give your indie retail business everything it needs to survive in a highly competitive industry. 


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