4 Alternatives To Standard Postal Services

In the past, if one needed to send almost anything, the most natural place to approach was the post office. Standard postal services offered the most reliable and efficient services. One could rest, knowing their parcels would most likely reach their intended receivers in good shape and on time—well, given the times.  

Now, service delivery has had to increase its pace to keep up with the changing times and needs. For the majority of the time, standard postal services just don’t cut it anymore. Alternative ways of sending goods are jetting past regular postal services, and they look like they’re here to stay as big companies continue investing serious money into them internationally. 

New Needs 

For any service to remain efficient and relevant, it has to answer as directly as it can the problems of the day. The digitalization of industry, and life, in general, has had to change a lot of things about how people want to send their parcels and documents.  

Everything else functions much faster, and it’s not surprising that, in comparison, standard postal services are just too slow. Standard postal services usually work in systemized and fixed ways, which is a problem in a world that’s as diverse as it’s specific. Consumers need a service that allows for tailor-made options.  

The advantages of using alternative methods to standard posts include that a client can choose how fast their package reaches its intended destination. Where time is of less essence than money, a customer can choose for a parcel to take longer on the road for a lesser cost. Usually, even the longest time by alternative courier services is still shorter than the average time standard postal services cost.  

The Alternatives 

Here are a few alternatives to standard postal services if you want to send a parcel anywhere: 

Freight Forwarding

If you’re into bulk imports and exports, it’s likely that you’ll find that traditional postal services aren’t of much use to you. You need quick delivery just as much as you want specialized care that’s watching your huge shipments. 

Freighting solutions will offer you customized assistance in negotiating your import and export duty payments, help you track your goods as they’re in transit to their intended journey, and an even greater thing is you don’t have to gamble with your business because you’d be hiring professionals who are highly specialized in such field..

Their job, basically, is to make sure your merchandise is packaged and transported in a timely, safe, and economic way.

When approaching a potential freight forwarder, it’s important that you check their track record. A freight forwarder’s network is vital, so you’ll need one who’s been in the business long enough (and performing well while at it) to create very strong networks, which will work as an advantage to you and your business. 

Special Delivery Services

If your parcel is something that can’t be bunched together with many other different parcels, then you might need to consider finding special delivery services. 

Special delivery services are for when you want to send especially sensitive materials, such as work or personal documents that are of high importance. They’re also ideal if you want to send odd parcels that can’t fit in a box such as flowers, artworks, antics, or other types of parcels that need special attention to avoid damage in transit. 

A delivery service that specializes in this sort of delivery will have systems in place to make sure your parcel gets to its intended destination in perfect shape and condition. 

Scheduled And Routed Deliveries

If your deliveries are going to need to occur around the same time and at the same addresses for a sustained period of time, then you better get in touch with an experienced delivery and logistics company. 

Usually, missing a single address or losing a parcel before it gets to it’s owner is going to cost you a second round in deliveries and, probably, your reputation. So, you need to be careful when choosing the right company to handle this service for you. 


You need a parcel to get to your intended recipient within the shortest possible time, probably, within a day?  If you need this service, traditional postal services are just going to be too snail-paced for you. Regular post has set days for deliveries, yet, sometimes, you don’t have the time to wait. In those situations, the best you can do is find the best courier service in your area. 

Their specialty is getting your goods to their intended receivers as quickly as possible, so if you need anything delivered anywhere in a rush, a courier service will be your best bet. Be aware, however, that, sometimes, courier service companies have city limits in order to ensure efficiency on their part. Talk to a company representative and be sure they can provide you with what you’re looking for. 


Traditional ways of sending parcels may no longer be efficient now. If you’re looking for more specialized care, a custom-made experience that meets your unique needs and expectations in speed, price, and drop-off points, then it should be in your best interest to look at all the alternatives to regular postal services provided in this article.  

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