5 Ideas Of Custom Paperboard Products For Any Business

As the e-commerce market becomes more crowded, creative packaging is becoming an increasingly important way for small businesses to differentiate themselves. A manufacturer who uses labeled or unique shipping components promotes a positive customer experience and builds brand loyalty.

While custom packaging may be more costly than typical shipping materials, it is essential to make your brand memorable and provide a pleasant experience even if you do not have a retail shop. Here are five ideas for custom paperboard products for any business!

Personalized Packaging

There are numerous advantages to using made-to-measure packaging over off-the-shelf wrapping. Paperboard can be used for customized packaging. One of the most significant advantages of customized packaging is that it is specifically designed to hold your product. Specifics such as shape, material, volume, and so on are all considered when designing the packaging.

It efficiently uses the packaging material, resulting in cost savings. It also cuts down on waste.

The product fits appropriately into the package, reducing the demand for additional packaging materials such as styrofoam peanuts or blank fills.

It also ensures that the product moves as little as possible within the package, limiting the risk of damage during transportation.

Stock Printed Packaging

Printed stock containers are another alternative for personalizing your packaging. Printed stock boxes include your logo on a stock box or other shipping container. This customization is an excellent method for showcasing your brand name without paying extra.

For this type of custom packaging, you’ll want to ensure your logo is prominently displayed on the top or front of the box, facing the right side up. Also, use dark ink to produce contrast for the best exposure.

Thank You Notes and Outer Logo Stickers

A logo sticker is another element you can add to the facade of your shipping materials for a personal touch. This is the most cost-effective marketing option. Once the labels and boxes are ordered, you can make the arrangements in-house to save additional money.

Including a typewritten thank you card, signing your name on a printable card, or attaching a discount code voucher for your customer’s subsequent acquisition is a simple and inexpensive way to personalize your packaging. 

Cards and notes provide another avenue for customers to interact with your company and help customers remember you the next time they shop. It may impress them so much that they share their experiences via social media.

Inner Packaging and Personalized Tissue Paper

Wrapping individual products within your packages is another way to enhance your design and add a unique look to boost your brand. This will demonstrate to your shoppers that you care about their order and that their products are valuable. Furthermore, it will draw attention to your brand, and if you use personalized tissue paper or other labeled elements, this is another great chance to solidify brand recognition.

Consider wrapping clothing or textiles in tissue paper, glassware in sturdy boxes, and accessories in small padded containers. Some items require additional protection, while others simply look better when wrapped. Consider labeling your interior wrapping components for a more personal touch.


Color is crucial when it comes to promoting your goods. According to studies, color increases market presence by 80%, and 85% of shoppers say color is the main reason they purchase a specific item.

Some colors are so well-known that you can recognize the company behind the product without seeing their logo or other brand identifiers. Consider the classic blue Tiffany box, which is associated with luxury. Tiffany & Co. registered the trademark “Tiffany Blue” in 1998. 

The color red evoked feelings of excitement, passion, and vigor. Blue exudes trustworthiness and dependability. Green represents nature, earthy feelings, and newness. Orange is amusing and energetic, and yellow is reminiscent of sunlight and evokes a cheerful mood.


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